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Easy Tips To Speak The Love Language :Words Of Affirmation, Even If It Does Not Come Naturally!

This blog post will focus on the love language of Words of Affirmation:

People who have Words of Affirmation as their Love Language feel loved most through uplifting and appreciative and encouraging words!

Learn more about the Five Love Languages Here:)

I get it-It is not always easy to learn or speak a different language. Learning how to speak your spouse's Love Language is hard as well, especially when it does not come naturally. The truth is being able to speak each other's love language is vital to having deep connection and love in your marriage.

As a marriage coach, I love to help couples reconnect and find deeper love with in their marriage.

Speaking the words of affirmation does not always come easy to everyone so Here are 10 Easy and Fun ways to show more Words of Affirmation

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Wednesday Words Of Affirmation Tip: Create a easy scavenger hunt with words for your sweetheart with sweet notes and what you admire about them and why.

For example: Note on their mirror that says Clue 1-"I admire your beauty inside and out,

find your next clue to this love scavenger hunt on your route to the kitchen

Clue 2- "You continually amaze me"

Find your next clue by our tree....

Words of Affirmation Idea; Make a movie with pictures of the two of you add love songs playing in the background. Both of you can reminisce together about the memories and good times and about your love story.

Wednesday Words Of Affirmation Ideas: Write a sweet note in the snow for them or on snowy window of their car.

Wednesday Words Of Affirmation Tips: Give your sweetheart a genuine compliment in front of people they care about!

You could also stick up for your wife/ husband to other people- this makes a huge impact on someone who has words of affirmation as their love language.

Wednesday Words Of Affirmation Tips: Go to their office/ favorite space when you know they are in a meeting or not in there and leave fun sticky notes all over there office of all the reasons you love them!

Make a list of the top 10 reasons you love them and put it purse or wallet for them to find.~

Wednesday Words Of Affirmation Tips: Wives: Write a sweet & spicy love note for your husband and then kiss it with your favorite lipstick and then leave it for them to find- like on their pillow or dresser or computer!

This will make your husbands day

Show gratitude in your prayer for your spouse and also pray for their struggle s and challenges they are going through! Bonus points if you do this together!

Wednesday Words of Affirmation Tips: If your spouses Love Language is Words Of Affirmation and Physical Touch They will love The Night Of Massage Bedroom Game- This game will totally spoil you and your wife and she will adore you for getting it for her!

It is easy to follow cards you get to use massage and sweet words to completely spoil your spouse emotionally, physically, and sexually!

This bedroom game is loaded with slow and sexy foreplay and will get you both aroused and in the mood!

* Your wife will also LOVE this bedroom game because it focuses on both physical & emotional connection. Emotional connection is what most women crave with intimacy! So while playing this fun and flirty bedroom game you will also be learning how to connect on deeper level with you wife in a way that is meaningful to her!

The other great thing about this game is that it uses all five love languages, in one great game!

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All the bedroom games from Romance Enhanced Consulting Have Words Of Affirmations as one of the main components of the game. Check them out here

Find a way to surprise your spouse with a cute photo of the two of you or your favorite photo of your spouse and find a way to caption/meme your favorite photo with kind words on it like- I am so lucky to married to such a talented and beautiful gal/handsome guy... put it as their wallpaper/background on their phone so the next time they pick it up they will be surprise to see the photo and the sweet message form you.

Make sure you are noticing and appreciating your spouse and telling them thank you for all they do! This means the world to someone whose love language is Words of Affirmatio Tips! Everyone loves to feel noticed and appreciated for their work or service!

I hope you have gotten some value from these ways to speak your spouse's Love Language of Words of Affirmation Tips! Get 30 Free Printable Love Language Tips Here

I will also be posting these Words of Affirmation tips every Wednesday- for my Magical Monday Physical Touch Tips on my social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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