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In Dr. Gary Chapman's book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. (I love this book and it has changed how I view loving my spouse and how I help others.)  He explains that every person has a "love language" that they speak to each other and how they receive love.  If you have someone who speaks Chinese and someone who speaks German are going on a date together-they are not going to understand each other. It is the same thing for spouces and the love language they speak!  It is important to know what your love language is and also what your spouse’s love language so you can communicate your love to one another and that you can feel that love for one another. 

  If you do not know your love language or your spouses love language I would highly recommend you both take this quick/ free survey provided with the link below from Gary Chapman's  Love Language quiz button above!

The Five Love Languages 

"Physical Touch": You feel loved by touches of all kinds: hugs, kisses, cuddles, high fives,… *This is my top one –


"Gifts": You feel loved from receiving and giving gifts.  They do not have to be big gifts but the thoughtful gifts go a long way for you.

"Words of Affirmation": You feel loved when someone uses kind and positive words when talking with you and show you appreciation through words.

"Quality Time": You feel loved when you spend time with other people.  You do not have to be doing much but just being together is what matters to you!

"Acts of Service": This is the easiest one to satisfy, because they feel loved by simple tasks, when other people do acts of service for you like making you dinner, cleaning the house….



For more way to love your spouse in their love language

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Each day of the week I focus on an easy romantic idea of One of Garry Chapman’s five different love languages- So you can show your spouse you love them in a way that they will be able to understand it. 


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