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Be a huge part of helping others to bring more romance back into marriages and also make a difference in strengthening marriages as well!  

Earn Up To 10% On Purchases with a unique link.

If you love Josie & Romance Enhance Consulting- Then Help promote us and Earn money in the process! 

Through Simple Affiliate App you can easily get paid 10% for customers who make a purchase through Romance Enhanced Consulting.

1-Join by creating a a email

2-You will get a unique link to give your friends and family and you will get a kickback when they purchase products or services.

3- You will be paid monthly through the payment option you choose within the Simple Affiliate App

Quick Tips/ Best Practices 

1. Using Testimonials: Make sure you have peoples permission for testimonials

2.  Be Honest  & Clear in what you are advertising and explaining. 

3. Somewhere state that you are an affiliate for Romance Enhanced Consulting

4. Don' t take credit for Romance Enhanced Consulting products, ideas, or posts. 

5. Always Promote the Positive things about Romance Enhanced Consulting

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