Are you looking for a Romantic Gift?

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I promise your wife will adore you for getting her such a unique, wonderful thoughtful and sexy gift!

Your wife and mother of your kids, does SOOO much for you and your family every single day, so why not completely spoil her?

The Sexy Wife May I Bedroom Game will completely spoil your wife, emotionally, physically and sexually! This game will help you pamper your wife with this sexy bedroom game that is designed just for her. You may both even discover new things that she really enjoys or turns her on or you both on as well.  This game focuses on the female sexual response and lots of emotional connection, but it is also husband approved as well ;)

This game is similar to the childhood game of Mother May I, but so much better. You will both enjoy all the sexy foreplay cards that help you get closer and closer to your wife. 

his game has 24 cards that you read and ask her if you can do for her, some are household chores, some are putting the kids to bed, some are massages and they gradually build up to the ultimate experience in the bedroom! These cards focus on the females sexual response, which is compared in some cases as an oven- slow to heat up but a constant heat once heated up. These cards will help her relax, get her in the mood with lots of foreplay and will help her focus on her sexual wants. It also focuses on the emotional connection that wives crave with intimacy and it teaches guys how their wife wants to be loved. These cards in the game target Gary Chapmans five love languages- Quality Time, Acts of Service, Gifts, Words of Affirmations and of Course Physical Touch! If you or your spouse are someone whose love language is acts of service- they will love this game! 

Husbands-This game is your secret sauce for husband's to completely spoil and love your wife in the way that she wants. This game is designed by women- who knows what women want and crave with intimacy! It will be like you are reading her mind, but you are just following the easy to follow cards provided in the game.

She will also adore this game and adore you for being so thoughtful and romantic- when all you did was make the purchase!

The Sexy Wife May I bedroom game makes a great at home romantic date night for your sweetheart! It also makes a great gift for her Birthday, your Anniversary Gift for her, Mother's Day Gift for her, and Valentine’s Day Gift for her and Christmas Gift for her or just because you need some more romance and fun in your marriage.

Plus this gift will be gift wrapped (if you want) and ready to give as a gift or for surprise for her. 

This Physical version includes:

*Invitation to be spoiled and instructions for her and husbands.

*4 Date invites (Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Mother's Day, and Just because)

*24 designed and printed cards that spoil her (with the option of printing on both sides)

*Instructions and Items you will need.

* 3 Pink Chocolate Roses.

* Mints

Benefits of this Game:

+ Creates a Romantic atmosphere with easy to follow cards that will spoil her.

+ This bedroom game is Gals approved!

+ Lots of sweet and sexy foreplay to get her in the mood!

+ Will help you reconnect and feel in love again!

+ She will enjoy a night of great intimacy with emotional and physical connection!

+ Done for you romantic gift for her.

"Sexy Wife May I" Bedroom Game

Gift Wrapped
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