Romantic Date Night's that she will LOVE plus adore you for being so thoughtful and romantic!

Are you looking for the perfect (and easy) Romantic Anniversary or Birthday date

idea for your wife? 

I got you covered with these romantic themed

date ideas and bedroom games! 

( * These bedroom games also emphasize emotional connection which is what  most women crave with intimacy and you will enjoy these as well, because they include a great night of intimacy;)

The Night of Massage Date

Easy Valentine Date Idea for her for after the kids are in bed!


Food: Get her favorite snacks and treats and have them all on your bed.

Date Ideas: Tell her you have a surprise for her early in the day.. Let the anticipation build... and then at night lock your door while you set up your bedroom with rose petals and candles all over- You can the Romantic Bedroom Kit FREE today with the purchase of a bedroom game - in the US !

Main Event: Play the Night of Massage Bedroom Game together and spoil each other with sensual and arousing massages!

You will both enjoy this bedroom game because it focuses on physical & emotional connection. Your wife will love that you will also be learning how to also connect better with her emotionally!

Spoil your spouse with the gift of massage and get the Night of Massage and

Romantic Bedroom Kit

Candle Lite Dinner

Easy Valentine Date Idea for her
Make a special dinner and shape it all in hearts and make a nice Candle Lite dinner for the two of you.
Date Ideas:. Turn on some romantic music and dance with her in the kitchen, Watch a chick flick show together and cuddle.
Main Event: Play the Kiss and Tell Bedroom Game together and try and guess what each other is saying through their sexy and flirty kisses

Spoil Her Date

Easy Valentine Date Idea to totally spoil her

Main Event:
Play the Sexy Wife May I Game. Read the cards of the game ahead of time so you can prepare all the necessary things.
Draw a relaxing bath for her and put sweet notes around the tube of how attractive she is around the bathroom. Then tell her you got the kids and that you will put them to bed. And she can just relax and get ready to be spoiled tonight! Leave the Game for her to see while she is getting in the tub.

Food: Pick up her favorite dessert and eat in front of the fireplace.
Spoil Your Wife this Valentine's Day and Get the

Sexy Wife May I Bedroom Game

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