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How To Connect Again In Your Marriage!- From our special guest Melissa Burris from Connect Again!

Join me as I interview Melissa Burris -Marriage Bloger & Founder of Conncect Again

about how to connect again in your marriage-

How did you get started with wanting couples to connect more?

Melissa:My husband and I had just finished playing a board game and started talking about how good we are at connecting with each ot

her. We've always been best friends but since having kids, we've had to become very crafty and intentional about finding ways to connect. We realized that a lot of what we do could help other couples. Have you always wanted to help married couples? Melissa:Not necessarily married couples, but I've always liked helping people. I'm actually a certified teacher and I fell in love with teaching because you get to help people in so many ways. What is the most rewarding part of helping couples to reconnect?

Melissa: I've been surveying married couples and actually found that only 53% of them prioritize their marriages over other things (work, kids, etc.). The greatest reward would be

if any of my posts help couples prioritize and value their marriages.

Why do people find it hard to connect in marriages?

Melissa:I think people get easily bogged down by their daily lives and responsibilities (work, kids, chores). And for good reason: we put a lot of pressure on ourselves nowadays! Couples connect with each other a lot when they're dating but forget to continue that into their marriage. I saw a quote one time that said, "Marriage is not the destination. It's the journey." That's so impactful because it reminds you that you need to continually work to strengthen your marriage. What is your #1 advice for married couples looking to increase connection in their relationship? Melissa:Start small. Find one thing you both would enjoy (handwritten notes, playing a game together, having a date night) and make it a priority.

Schedule it or put a reminder on your phone so you don't forget. At some point, it'll come naturally and you'll want to incorporate more connection into your marriage.

What are your go to ways or tips and tricks you like to tell people to connect more with their spouse?

Melissa:I love conversation starters! Maybe you have been married for a long time and feel like you know your spouse inside and out. But get some fun conversation starters and you'll start to see how much you still have to learn about your spouse.

I also love handwritten notes because who doesn't love finding a thoughtful note?

Playing games, Cookine & exercsing are all fun & easys to connect!

What is your favorite way to be romantic with your husband or vice versa- what are your favorite ways your husband is more romantic? Melissa:I love to write him notes. When he goes to work or travels, I write him a note. Sometimes it's a note of encouragement, other times a sweet note. He always appreciates it.

That being said, my husband is more romantic than I am when it comes to bigger things. He recently booked a babysitter and organized a date to the North Carolina Symphony ... all as a surprise. It was an outdoor concert so he even packed a cooler of wine and snacks for us. He's really good at the big gestures!

How do you feel like romance and connection are so important for a marriage?

Melissa: It's so important to continue to "date" your spouse! Romance and connection are a part of that. This is the person you've committed to spending the rest of your life with so make it amazing!

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