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Easy and Simple Ways to Speak The Love Language Of Words Of Affirmation From A Romance Coach

If two people are speaking different languages, communication can be difficult. This is true in marriages as well! We each receive and give love in our marriage in different languages as well! I love Gary Chapman's Book The Five Love Languages ™ , where he describes the 5 basic Love Languages Physical Touch, Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and acts of service. I personally think there is one more and that is romantic gestures.:)

I get it-It is not always easy to learn or speak a different language. Learning how to speak your spouse's Love Language is hard as well, especially when it does not come naturally. The truth is being able to speak each other's love language is vital to having deep connection and love in your marriage.

As a marriage coach, I love to help couples reconnect and find deeper love with in their marriage.

This blog post will focus on the love language of Words of Affirmation:

People who have Words of Affirmation as their Love Language feel loved most through uplifting and appreciative and encouraging words!

Here are 10 Easy and Fun ways to show more Words of Affirmation

Serenade your sweetheart with your love songs or song that remind you of them. Or if you are really creative write them a song. This is such a sweet gesture that anyone loves, but for those that have the Words of Affirmation Love Language this will mean the world to them! #romanticgestures #seranadeher #seranadehim #lovesongs

Loving look into your spouse eyes and give them a genuine compliment about something you admire about them or that you have noticed

Pray for and also out loud with your spouse! Express your gratitude for your spouse in your personal and also in your couples prayer! There is something so special about hearing the one you love praying for you and with you! In your prayers together- thank Heavenly Father for the gifts and talents of your spouse! Also ask in your prayers for help with your marriage as well! I know sincere prayers work and our marriages need all the help we can get. Also ask in your prayers how you can help to strengthen your marriage- then listen and act on what impresses you.

Find a creative way to express your love or tell your spouse that you love them. You could write this in the snow or sand, or with the kids blocks or magnets on the fridge any unique way would work!

Send them a encouraging or sweet texts throughout the day! Plan it out and schedule them~

Leave sticky notes with nice things about them around the house!

  • Pull your spouse close and ask them what is their hardest challenge right now? Really listen to them and ask follow up questions, and encourage them in their trial!

  • When you are with a group of friends or family give your spouse loving compliments and standup for them if others are putting them down. This means a lot to your spouse whose love languages is words of affirmation!

Find a way to surprise your spouse with a cute photo of the two of you or your favorite photo of your spouse and find a way to caption/meme your favorite photo with kind words on it like- I am so lucky to married to such a talented and beautiful gal/handsome guy... put it as their wallpaper/background on their phone so the next time they pick it up they will be surprise to see the photo and the sweet message form you.

Make sure you are noticing and appreciating your spouse and telling them thank you for all they do! This means the world to someone whose love language is Words of Affirmatio Tips! Everyone loves to feel noticed and appreciated for their work or service!

I hope you have gotten some value from these ways to speak your spouse's Love Language of Words of Affirmation Tips!

I will also be posting these Words of Affirmation tips every Wednesday- for my Magical Monday Physical Touch Tips on my social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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