Romance Awareness Month Huge Sale on Year of Romance Package and  Year of Romantic Gifts- On sale till August 31st!


Does your spouse keep telling you they want more romance in your marriage,

but you are not sure how to be romantic?

As a Romance Coach I get it- being romantic does not come natural to everybody,

so I want to share my ideas and tips with you to make you look romantic as well!

Let a Romance Coach help you to be more romantic this next year with The Year of Romance Package or The Year of Romantic Bedroom Gifts.

The best part is that I do the work and you get the credit for being so thoughtful and romantic! 

Wouldn't it be nice if you could pay someone to be romantic for you and you get all the benefits? 

Now you can have that with the Year of Romance Package or 

The Year of Romantic Bedroom Games from Romance Enhanced Consulting!

(That is not a typo, it is a dream come true!)

  • No more feeling stressed,discouraged and anxious in planning big romantic gestures or gifts for my spouse. 

  • No more spending hours searching online or on those late night shopping trips to find a  thoughtful and romantic gift  for your sweetheart.

  • No more forgetting important dates like my wife's birthday or our anniversary, because the gifts are sent to me!

  • Make one purchase and answer some questions and the Year of Romance will be all done for me!

  • I will have more love and connection in my marriage, with little effort on my part

YES- I got you covered with all of that!

As a Romance Specialist I love to help couples to strengthen their marriages!

The Year of Romance Package includes:

A Romantic Gift and/or Bedroom game to help you connect with your spouse for:


2-Valentine’s Day 

3-St. Patrick's Day

4-Father’s Day and Mother’s Day 

5-Both Spouses’ Birthday's 

6-Plus you will also get a Romantic Anniversary Plan catered to you and your spouse 

7-Plus a Romantic Getaway planned out for you as well!

8-You will also receive tips on how

to speak your spouse’s love language. 

The Year of Romantic Bedroom Games Package includes:

A Romantic Gift and/or Bedroom game to help you connect with your spouse for:

1-You Choose either a Romantic Christmas  Gift or Anniversary Gift 

2-Valentine’s Day 

3-St. Patrick's Day 

4-Father’s Day and Mother’s Day 

5-Both Spouses’ Birthday's 

6-You will also receive tips on how

to speak your spouse’s love language

The Benefits of  these Packages Include


  • These games have a classy but flirty feel to them vs the other  bedroom games that can have a sleazy feel to them!

  • These games each  have easy to follow cards and instructions that make it easy to use for husbands and wives.

  • These games will have you both laughing,playing, being silly, flirting and discovering new and fun ways to intimate together! 

  • The object of each game is for both spouses to have an amazing night of intimacy together!


  • You will love the fun filled sport themes and romantic themes throughout the bedroom games

  • You will learn how to be intentional and more romantic in your marriage relationship again

  • Plus you will also receive romantic surprises in the mail, almost every month with

  • Bedroom Games from Romance Enhanced Consulting: that Focus on strengthening intimacy and the marriage as whole not just in the physical gratification of sex.  

More Connection

  • Reconnect again with your sweetheart,in ways that you did not know was possible! 

  • Guys will learn how to connect more emotionally to satisfy what their wife has been craving!

  • Gals will learn how to connect more psychically to please their husbands.

  • Each game has lots of slow sexy foreplay for the  females sexual response and arousing cards for men that help you each to get in the mood and get what you want with intimacy!

Feel in Love Again

  • Overall your marriage will be more exciting and you will feel more in love and have more connection in your marriage! 

  • How to love your spouse in a way that they can receive through their love languages

  • These games also help you reminisce about other important memories as well!

If you are  still wondering if this package is for you and your spouse: This package is good for


The busy couple who wants to build their relationship but does not have time to come up with romantic dates or gifts.  


Couples who want to surprise their spouse and show them how romantic they can be


The spouse or couple who is constantly forgetting anniversaries, birthdays, important holidays


The couple who wants to save time and money on gift for the both of you, that will be delivered throughout the year


The couple or spouse who loves to  be surprised with romantic things and gifts 


The couple who feels disconnected or distant from each other and want to improve that


The couple who longs for emotional and physical connection with their spouse!


The couple who feel like their intimacy is dull and boring and needs a pick me up


The couple who feels like they are not feeling loved by their spouse.


The couple whom one spouse has said they need and want more romance in their marriage, but do not know where to start or what to do, or one or both of them are not the romantic type. 


The couple whom one spouse has said they need and want more romance in their marriage, but do not know where to start or what to do, or one or both of them are not the romantic type. 


Couples interested in improving and helping their marriages with little efftort on their part!

 This package is not for the couple who:


Will do nothing to improve their relationship


Or for those who will not try new things 



Or the couple that is too prideful to accept help. 

To work with me a Romance Specialist and for all the time and effort I put into individualizing your anniversary and romantic getaway this is package is usually pretty pricey but I wanted to make this more available to you- this month because it is Romance Awareness Month and  I am an advocate for bringing more romance into marriages so these packages are on a Huge sale off this month only  with Hundreds dollars in saving!!

  •  I bet if you added up as couple how much you spend on each other for birthdays, valentines day, Christmas, anniversaries and a romantic getaway, that it would be more then $600… So you would actually be saving money in the next year. 

  • Also just saying this is cheaper then marriage counseling for a year! :)

  • I can guarantee that as you do your part in trying to speak your spouse's love language and follow the instructions in my year of romance package you will be able to reconnect and feel in love with your spouse again. 


If you decide that this package or other deals are something you and your spouse would be interested in I look forward to working with you this next year! :)


Click on the product(s) above to get the best gift for your marriage this next year- without much effort on your part!

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More about Josie

The Romance Coach

My name is Josie McEwen and I am Romance Specialist!

I have always been a hopeless romantic and loved creating more fun and romance in our marriage.  As I started doing this I found that it brought me great satisfaction and joy, and being romantic was something that I really enjoyed and that I had a talent for.  The best part was that our marriage had more excitement and we felt more love for each other as well.

One day my husband said to me, “You are so creative and coming up with these romantic ideas…, If I could pay someone like you to make me look romantic, I totally would!”

That is where my business idea got started… I decided to take the two things that I love- Helping others and Creating Romance to create my best job ever!

I love what I do help to other people look and be romantic, even if they are not the romantic type!

 I would love to help you create more romance and connection into your marriage!

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