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Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonials & Reviews
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St. Patrick's Day Game  Review- Romantic Explorers

St. Patrick's Day Game Review- Romantic Explorers

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Luxury Romantic Baseball Suite

Luxury Romantic Baseball Suite

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Gold Happy Customer Review Romantic Getaway Facebook Post

Gold Happy Customer Review Romantic Getaway Facebook Post

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I wanted to do something really special for our 10 year anniversary, but I just kept coming up short with ideas.  Through brainstorming with Josie- she helped me make a perfect plan and execute the plan that was perfect for my husband and me.  She helped me plan a creative scavenger hunt of places that had special meaning for my husband and I.  At each spot she had a cute note of where to go next.  She was so creative – my husband was blown away and it meant so much to him. The best part was it was very inexpensive to execute the plan and I looked like I was super creative and planned all the awesomeness.  Thanks so much Josie- 


 We tried one of Josie's Couple Games. We played "The Baseball Game of Love" . It was an exciting night of foreplay! She started our fun evening by eating at a sports club. Then when we got home there were clever and uniquely designed cards laid throughout the house that all had to do with the baseball theme!  There were cards in the living room, up the stairs and eventually leading to the bedroom- all having to do with getting to first base, second base, and third base and where you can guess there was a home run play.  It was so fun, creative, and filled with foreplay and meaningful experiences.  It was definitely a SCORE;) in my book!  I would highly recommend her Couple Games.  This game really brought us closer together as a couple!

My spouse and I wanted to go on a Caribbean Cruise but could not afford it, so Josie helped me plan out a fairly inexpensive romantic getaway with this theme and was able to completely surprise my spouse.  She had us dress up like we were going to the island and go to eat somewhere that served Caribbean food and then booked an underwater theme room at the Anniversary Inn. It was such a great experience- I couldn’t have done it without her help. It was just what my spouse and I needed!

 Josie was able to help us plan a romantic weekend.  She had it all planned out with super easy to follow instructions. We played some flirty card games, spicy texting games throughout the day while working, and an entertaining game of 20 questions of remembering dates and experiences on the way to our getaway.  She had all of our favorite games with a twist of flirting and for-play in them and then she also had some fun and passionate sexual games as well.  If you lost a game at any point you had to choose to answer a playful truth or dare question or task.  Josie is so great to work with and really focuses on the couples needs and individualized attention.

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