Do you want to feel completely in love again like when you were dating?

If your marriage and dates have become complacent or boring. It is time for you to take some action and change the same old thing into fun and romance again.  

My whole purpose in doing this is to help others have fulfilling loving marriages.

 If you want more romance in your marriage- please contact us:

More about the 

Josie McEwen 

Romantic Specialist and Consultant

* Josie earned her BA Degree in Family and Human Development with a Community Service emphasis in 2004 from Utah State University. While attending Utah State University she studied human sexuality and all about building family and couple relationships.

*She has worked in various careers in this field since she graduated, but finds the greatest joy when she is helping others. This is one of the reasons she decided to start her own business as a Romantic Consultant/ Romantic Specialist!

* Her business idea started when her husband said "I am not romantic at all, but I would pay someone to make me look romantic." Josie knew she could be helping several husbands/wives who struggle with knowing what it means to be romantic. She took a hobby that she is passionate about and turned into a creative and unique business.

*Josie has always been a hopeless romantic and is continually planning romantic ideas for her and her husband as well her friends and family in their relationships as well. 

*She has an amazing talent about being able to hone in on people's love languages and be able to cater her brilliant ideas to the couple’s specific needs.

*She loves helping couples strengthen their marriages, through helping them plan meaningful dates, events and getaways and also has a passion and gift for creating classy bedroom games. 

*She has created several classy bedroom games that focus on intimacy as a whole rather than just the physical aspect. Her bedroom games have plenty of physical aspect of intimacy but also really emphasize the emotional connection that so many women crave with intimacy. These games also, teach you how to love their spouses in the way they want to be loved.  They are also full of Romance, passion, foreplay and lot of fun. 

*She also specializes in taking the guess work out of what it means to be a romantic spouse. She has so many great ideas and loves to inspire others to be more romantic.

Romance Enhanced Consulting

Lehi, UT


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