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Happy Couple In Love From Romance Enhanced Consulting

 My main objective of my business is to make romance easy and

help you to strengthen your marriage! 

I love being in LOVE and I know that I can help you enjoy this same feeling!

If you have any questions that are not answered in my website-

please give me a call at 435-757-8229.


How did you get started in this?

It was just a hobby of mine and then actually my husband suggested the idea for me to start selling my games- He said I would pay to have someone like you make me look romantic!  As I was thinking about this I also realized how much I love helping others- So that is how my business started.

How does your consulting services work? Is it a flat rate or hourly pay?

I charge a base fee for my consulting & getaway planning services and that will be all that you will pay.   However you are in charge of all the costs associated with the date/getaway itself.  The only time it would be different is if you use my consulting services and then order a bedroom game as well or another service to go along with it.  I also personalize the consulting services to you and your spouses likes and interests. 

Where do you get your ideas for your fun bedroom games.

I have always been a hopeless romantic but I guess the ideas come from what I love personally and what I want from intimacy. 

I also have done some research and learned about the female sexual response. I have love reading Laura Brothersons books about Sexual intimacy-

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