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Do you believe in happily ever after?This is just way too important not to share!

You want more connection, more romance, more support, more fun, and more excitement in your marriage. Basically, you want to live happily ever after…am I right?

As a hopless romantic- I always love a good chic flic with a happily everafter ending.

Although going through my own divorce and hardships in my first marriage and second for that matter, I deciede that when I would tell my young kids or read my kids these happily ever after stories I would read it with a dose of reality and I would always add...

>>>>> And with a lot hard work, communication and commitment

they lived happliy ever after.;)>>>>>

I do believe you can be happy in your marriage & relationship but their are still alof of hard and diffuicult things that come along as well within that relattionship

Of course you love each other, but is love enough to see you through all the hard stuff?

I would have to say that according to all the research, love alone will not get you to the finish line, and even if it does, it doesn’t guarantee you will be happy.

You can’t expect to just be able to say those three magic words, “I love you,” every day and think that will work long term. There’s no secret formula, no magic pill you can take.

So what is the answer? How can we live happily ever after, like they do in all the fairy tales?

I want to tell you about a great resource to help us all have some more happy and healthy relationships. It is called The Secrets of Happily Ever After Summit

Monica Tanner has decided to partner with 32 (Including Me:) of the most brilliant experts, authors, speakers, coaches, and teachers on the topic of marriage and relationships to share our ideas about how to intentionally write a happily ever after love story.

And guess what?

Can you believe 32 marriage experts were willing to share their BEST secrets about building intimacy, connection, commitment, communication and even how they keep that intimate spark alive in their own marriages…with me…and YOU…for FREE??

I couldn’t believe it either, but it’s TRUE!

Starting Monday, October 3rd, you can watch all of these interviews for FREE. All you have to do is register HERE

Then block off some time and show up ready to transform your marriage with all the secrets to living happily ever after with your spouse.

It's time to put some time and energy into it on purpose, in order to achieve the results you are looking for in your marriage and family life and essentially Your Happily Ever After!

Come and get the BEST marriage and relationship tips, tricks and advice from these 32 experts to bring you some pretty mind-blowing, life-changing, INTIMACY-deepening information about how to strengthen your connection and affection for each other.

These authors, speakers, coaches, and experts aren't just sharing with us what they have learned working with thousands of couples, but they are also getting personal with how they stay connected and passionate in their own marriages as well. And the BEST part for you is that it's FREE for a limited time.

Why would we do all of this for FREE, you might be thinking...

Because we all understand that strong marriages build strong families and strong families build strong communities and strong communities make the world a better place and there is nothing we need MORE than happy marriages, families and communities right now.

If you agree, don't miss this opportunity to learn from these experts starting on Monday, October 3rd. All you have to do is register HERE (insert affiliate link).

Ready for some happily ever after secrets? You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’ll see you inside [wink emoji]

P.S. Still not sure if you should come?

This is a *Must Attend* if:

1. You are ready to take your marriage to the next level.

That's me! Our marriage is great, but let's make it even better.

2. You're feeling a little disconnected or in a rut.

Yes! Life gets busy and sometimes I forget to prioritize my marriage.

3. You know there is more to life than paying bills and driving kids around. You want passion, fulfillment, adventure and romance.

Absolutely, the struggle is real!

Register Here For All These Amazing Speakers For All The Days At:

Here are some of the amazing topics and speakers

Day 1: Oct 3rd 2022

Each of these experts and coaches drops some absolute GOLD!!!

1. Evan Money, How to END Pain and Problems in Your Marriage.

2. McCall Hopkins How to Strengthen Your Marriage One Date at a Time.

3. Eric MacDougal: How to Stop Fixing Your Parters Sex Drive

4. Leona Carter: In-To-Me-See (intimacy)

5. Amberly Lambertsen: Do These Three Things Daily To Live Your Happily Ever After

6. Dan Purcell : How To Get More Attenton From Your Spouse

7. Chantel Allen: 3 Pricipals To Make Any Marriage Thrive

8. Mrs. Toy Banks "The World's Most Satisfied Wife": How to Fight Nice With Your Spouse

9. Brad and Tami Miller of Tandem Marriage: 5 Best Ways To Create Your Happily Ever After

10. Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo of ONE Extraordinary Marriage teaching their 6 Pillars of Intimacy Framework (so powerful!)

11. Tara Carson of The Dating Divas 5 FUN-Damentals for Dating Your Spouse.

Register Here For All These Amazing Speakers For All The Days At:

Here are some of the amazing topics and speakers

Day 2 : Oct 4th, 2022

1. Nick and Amy McKinlay of the Ultimate Intimacy App talking about Why Sexual Intimacy is Vital to a Healthy Marriage.

2. Kyle and Ariel Tresch, How to Launch a Profitable Business with Your Spouse Without Ever Missing a Single Date Night.

3. Tom Pate - The Relationship Warrior: What If It's Your Brain That's Running Your Relationship.

4. Heather Choate &Marc Johnson of High Thrive Coaching : 4 Steps To Stop Divorce & Thrive.

5. Rabbi Dr. Yosef Lynn: How to Proactively Build Your Marriage

6. Greg and Rachel Denning: 3 Indispensable Secrets To A Happily Ever After Marriage


7. Josie McEwen of Romance Enhanced:

***Tips & Tricks to be Romantic, Even If You're Not The Romatnic Type***

As a Romance Coach- My mission and goal is to Help Make Romance Easy!

Romance comes easy to me, but I know that it does not always come easy to everyone. In this interview with Monica Tanner, I talk about the benefits of having more romance in your relationship as well as easy ways to this, that anyone can do- even you that say you are not romantic;)

Having more romance in a relationship can also help you reconnect in meaningful ways again, and help you get that spark back into your relationship again!

Romance is a big part of feeling in love and staying connected, but it is often times overlooked or pushed aside.

I firmly believe that anyone can be romantic, even if you are not the romantic type and I want to prove it to you, by showing you easy tips & tricks to bring in more romance into your marriage.

Plus you will also find easy and fun ways to be intentional in your relationship together!

You will also get a huge discount code for my fun & easy online course

when you attend this summit!

In my online course I go into a lot more details about each of these topics I bring up in my interview and I * Give you real life stories and examples of how to apply these teaching * Plus you will also get some of my insider Romance Coaching ideas on how to easily pull off romantic evenings. This course is great for couples seeking for easy ways to bring the spark and romance back into your relationship again. This is also a fun date night to do together or you can do individually as well!


8. Suzette Halterman: 3 Commen Mistakes Couples Make When Managing Their Differences

9. Eric and Dr. Sakeisha Hylick - The Millionaire Power Couple. 5 Ways To Build A Winning Marriage Now

10. Dr. Kim Kimberling 3 Things That Always Matter in Marriage.

11. Joshua and Ashlee Latimer who will teach us How to Get Divorced and Go Bankrupt in 3 Easy Steps (that's a funny title, but really they teach all about Family Systems.

Register Here For All These Amazing Speakers For All The Days At:

Here are some of the amazing topics and speakers

Day 3 : Oct 5th, 2022

1. Amanda Louder: How to Want Better Sex on Your Terms.

2. Tony Overbay: After Working with over 1,000 Couples has found the Secret to Marital Bliss.

3. Rachael Cunningham: Stop Trying to Fix Your Partners Moods

4. Jeeva and Sulojana Sam: There Are No Such Things As Marriage Problems

5. Chanelle Neilson: Balancing Marriage & Mom Life

6. Michelle Purta : 5 Ways Happlily Ever After Starts With You!

7. Rhonda Farr: High Performance Career- Low Performance Marriage

8. Oliver and Denise Marcelle: Intimacy Building Hack That You Can Start Today

9. Glenn Lovelace: Happy Wife- Happy Life- The Greatest Lie

10. Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife: Differentiation: The Key to Living Happily Ever After

All these amazing speakers and helprul topic pack powerful punch of value and tips you can implement immediately!


I know that I am, and I am super exicted for all this helpful information!

I will see you on the inside of this summit!

Register Here For All These Amazing Speakers For All The Days At:


Another Free resource that I would like to give you today is 30 Free Romantic Love Language Tips from Josie The Romance Coach- Plus when you signup to get this free resource you for my deals & email list


Find more blog post by Josie The Romance Coach at


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