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15 Simple Tips On How To Be Romantic, Even If You Are Not The Romantic Type- From a Romance Coach!

August is Romance Awareness Month and As a Romance Coach

I am all about making Romance Easy For Couples!

Definition of romance and why I think it’s so important.

*Romance to me is anything that keeps the spark alive or is a little different then the ordinary. I also think that it is intentionally trying to do something to woo or impress your sweetheart. If you have been married, you know that this can be difficult to not fall into a rut.

Romance helps to couples to feel needed and in love again. Now don't get me wrong Marriage takes a lot of work, and being romantic will not solve all marital issues but It defiantly helps to build connection and to keep your love feeling alive!-

Romance Myths: Sometimes I think there is a misconception- that Romance needs to be expensive and elaborate- but it does not have to be expensive, time consuming and unobtainable!

Romance Enhanced Consulting strives to disprove these myths, by making romance and romantic gestures easy for even the person who describes themselves as the unromantic person. Romance Made Easy, is Romance Enhanced Consulting main goal-

August is Romance Awareness Month- As a Romance Coach I love all things about romance and to celebrate I am having a huge summer sale with 30% off the entire online store!


Hi My name is Josie McEwen, and I am a Romantic Specialist/ Coach and Founder of Romance Enhanced Consulting. I specialize in planning romantic dates and special events for you and your spouse, so you do not have to.

I have always been a hopeless romantic and I can help you bring more romance into your marriage!

It brings me happiness and joy to help others strengthen their marriages and I would love to help you bring that Romance into your marriage as well!

At Romance Enhance Consulting we really strive to make Romance Easy-even if you are not the romantic type~ We have done for you romantic gifts that are created with strengthening your marriage and intimate relationship in mind. Their are romantic gifts designed just for him and romantic gifts designed just for her

I also love to plan Romantic Anniversary Dates and love to find and plan Romantic Getaways Deals for married couples as well! My favorite romantic service that I provides is the Year of Romance Package- where you get romantic gifts and dates sent to you all year within the US for all the important holidays through the year!


If You Or A Spouse Feel Like They Aren’t Romantic, But Are Wanting More Romance And Connection

Here Are 5 Easy Tips And Tricks To Get Those Romantic Juices Flowing!

1st Get Rid Of The Mindset- That You Are Not The Romantic Type- If you continue to believe this then you will not put forth the effort to be romantic or to even try. My new favorite word is yet- I am not romantic- yet:) or you could also change your believe to I can an be romantic or I choose to do romantic things!

I firmly believe that anyone can create more meaningful connection and be romantic in their relationships- Yes even you- and I can prove it to you with this short online course for couples!

Here is my favorite resource on how to be romantic! :)

This Online Course Is For The Frustrated Couple-That Feels Distant And Wants To Easily Create Romance And Connection In Their Marriage Again,

Let a Romance Coach Simplify And Teach You And Your Spouse How You Can Easily Create Romance And Connection In Your Marriage- Even If You Are Not The Romantic Type

*Plus Get Insider Romantic Ideas That Josie The Romance Coach Uses When Planning Romantic Events With Her Clients!

This course will take you about a half and hour but also has great resources that you can use for the rest of your marriage and is a fun date to do together as well!

Get a Discounted Price On My NEW ONLINE COURSE at:

2nd Speak Your Spouse's Love Language!

I think this is such a crucial area to start being romantic!

I also have a great free resource that I would

love to give you that you can print and check off easy ways to speak your spouses Love Language

Get 30 Free -Easy Love Language Tips That You Can Start Implementing To Be More Romantic And Have More Connection In Your Marriage Today

*I also post easy romantic love language tips every day-on my social media channels that I would love if you follow as well at: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest

You also may be interested in a Free Marriage Webinar where I comically compare owning a car to marriage and how they both need continual maintenance and care

I also explain why and how the love languages are so important to marriages and how they help build continual connection and romance in your marriage!

3rd Start Remembering And Thinking About What Kinds Of Things You Did While Dating Your Sweetheart To Impress Them!

  • What kind of surprises did you do while dating?

  • was it cooking a special dinner,

  • buying them flowers,

  • writing love notes,

  • taking them somewhere special….

  • telling you miss them through texts

  • watching movies you didn't want to see

  • doing a sweet service for them

  • then think when was the last time I did this.

  • You could even recreate some of these things as well. This will get you bonus points for being sentimental as well.

4th-Make And Keep A On Going List Of All Of Your Spouse’s Favorite Things- If you have a continual list of your spouse's favorite things, it makes it easier when you are striving to be romantic. Keep track of their

  • favorite foods,

  • music,

  • flowers,

  • scents,

  • colors

  • or even some of their favorite stores or where they shop the most…

  • Do they like spontaneity, and surprises, or like knowing and having a plan...

  • For instance you hear them say-" I would like to go or do that someday "- - write it down...

  • or if they comment on someone else post and say ” aww- that's super romantic”- take a screenshot of that so you can do it someday.

5th- Ask Your Spouse What They Find Romantic? You may have totally different expectations of what you find romantic and your spouse finds romantic. So just ask them-

And then add what they say to your list.

Have fun together and focus on what you can do to serve and make your spouse feel special! We can really only change ourselves- so lets be proactive about keeping the spark alive and not letting it die out.

You could also ask your friends for things they have done to be romantic, but really just start thinking and doing what you know is important to your sweetheart-

There are so many great resources out there.

Below is a good list of some easy and fun romantic ideas to get you started as well!


Here Are 10 Easy and Fun Ideas To Be More Romantic- From A Romance Coach

  • Seductively Feed Each Other Grapes Or Chocolates!

Go explore a new area or part of your town that you have never explored before or plan a romantic staycation or romantic getaway together!!! For a really easy way to reconnect let a Romance Coach plan a special themed romantic getaway/ staycation/ or special date for you!

Initiate some fun and flirty foreplay! Women especially need this to get into the mood! Most women are like slow and sexy foreplay! So don't get in to big of a rush, just take things slow. Another thing that women enjoy and crave with foreplay is emotional connection as well!

All the Bedroom Games from Romance Enhanced Consulting will help you be intentional in slow and sexy foreplay together again!

Formally ask them to go on a special date with you and plan a special date at a fancy restaurant or dance where you both get dressed up. Maybe you recreate your first date or other memorable date together! Or do anything to let your spouse know they are special to you and you are thinking of them.

Give your spouse a passionate kiss- Just because - bonus points if you pick her up and kiss her or pin him against a wall! Make the kiss feel like they are in a movie for a few seconds! Kiss them in the Kitchen, Kiss in front of your kids~ Don't just tell them you love them- but show them as well! Intentionally do things to speak their love Languages!

Plan creative dates with different themes. These don't have to be expensive or elaborate but plan something different then what you usually do!

Josie the Romance Coach has created 7 Bedroom games that focus on all the love languages and also on physical and emotional connection. Emotional Connection is what most women crave with intimacy and it is all laid out for you in these romantic bedroom games.

The Bedroom Games From Romance Enhance Consulting can help you easily plan fun and creative themed dates as well!

You can get these bedroom games as a Digital Version and print them yourselves or buy they already to give as gift as well!

Top Row: From Left to right

Bottom Row: From Left to right

  • The Baseball Game Of Love: In this game you get to playfully get to all the bases again with your spouse and "score" a homerun together as well as you follow the baseball themed cards.

  • The Flirty & Dirty Basketball Game: Foul-play and playing "dirty" are encouraged as you try to distract your spouse from making their basket by following the fun and flirty basketball themed cards.

  • The Touchdown Bedroom Game: You will be laughing and flirting as you work together to "Score" a touchdown together by following the football themed cards.

Randomly surprise them- just because! Maybe that's a gift, or sweet note, or sincere compliment or doing an act of service that you know they would appreciate. Try little surprises- like getting your spouse their favorite treat, leave them love notes in places they will see them,

Flirt with your spouse- and not just when you want some intimacy, but all the time- make it a habit!

I bet you guys have some great inside jokes between you that you bring into conversations or find fun ways to let them know you are thinking about them. Think about what you did when you were dating your spouse or others to show them you really liked them and do that again. Use some cheesy pick up lines on them, that you know will make them laugh, or let them catch you checking them out still, whistle at them, and compliment them.

Decorate your food with a heart and romantic flair- even if it is not Valentine's Day! Add some garnishes, or present it in a unique way. You could also pick up a unique treat or food that you do not eat very often or your spouses favorite treat and serve it to them in fancy way!

Set the mood: Romantic Music, Candles and Rose petals are fun and easy ways to create a romantic surprise!

Get the Romantic Bedroom Kits From Romance Enhanced Consulting that have everything you need to to help you easily set the romantic mood, including, rose petals, tea light candles, personalized banners, romantic décor, light refreshments, and a a romantic bedroom game of your choice as well!

*I will also be posting more of "Josie Romantic Tips every Saturday-on my social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and Twitter


Now that I have given you several great ideas here are some funny things of what not to do if you are trying to be romantic!

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