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Romantic Getaways Ideas From A Romance Coach At Enhanced Consulting

As a Romance Coach and A hopeless romantic- I looooove to plan Romantic Getaways! They are my jam! As my husband can attest I am constantly planning our next romantic trip or Vacation Together!~ I am even guilty of talking and planning our next romantic vacation while on a romantic getaway!


One of the first things I ask couples that I am coaching/

helping is when was your last romantic


Romantic Getaways are such a great way to reconnect as a couple-

Little Plug: I would love to help To Create Romance And Deep Connection And Love In Their Marriage Again, By Helping You Plan and Book Your Next Romantic Getaway Together!. Let me take the stress of planning your next romantic getaway where you can just focus on reconnecting with your sweetheart again. Keep reading to the end of the post to find out more or click here for more information!

I cater these romantic getaways to your budget and what you are your spouse like- so it really will be your dream romantic getaway!

* I am not a certified travel agent but I do know how to plan dream romantic vacays and get good deal as well!


I wanted to share some of my husbands and I's favorite romantic getaways this last couple years- even with Covid and having our cruise we were planning on going to celebrate our 5 year anniversary get canceled- 3 different times :0

We were able to still do a lot- some romantic getaways were more close to home which was great as well!

I also have a romantic backpacking trip to Idaho in the works as well that I will be posting about soon as well!

July 2021- Hiking With My Hubby- Big & Little Cottonwood Canyon-

Gloria Falls and Twin Lakes to Lake Mary

As you can tell from this blog- Hiking with my hubby is one of my favorite things to do and I also loooove wild flowers so you will see a lot of that as well. Our latest adventure was going up to little cottonwood canyon and hiking Gloria falls and then going to Big cottonwood canyon and hiking to Twin Lakes to Lake Mary, It was so pretty!

(And yes we I am wearing two different shirts, because these shots were combined from different days!)

June 2021 Hiking In Afton WY- Intermittent Springs and Cottonwood Lake

Our fun trip to Wyoming was full of beautiful greenery and wild flowers. We hiked up to the famous Intermittent Springs- where in summer months the natural spring shuts off for periods of time and turns back on. We also went to the beautiful alpine cottonwood lake-Which was super cold and felt good for a quick cold dip as Wyoming snow melt was just a few weeks prior to this.

May 2021: Romantic Getaway To The Florida Keys !

One of my dream romantic getaways has always been to go and enjoy the Florida Keys! This trip did not disappoint- It was magical!

We flew into Miami and enjoyed the beaches and beautiful scenery there and around there...

We also got to drive down and see all the Keys and went to Key West at the most southern point in the US.

We went to the Alligator Farm and went on a fun Airboat trip through the everglades, which was also on my bucket list of things to do.

I even got to try Fired Conch (Konk) fish from the famous white conch shells, and also Fried Alligator as well. They were both great!

We had so much fun and loved every part of this romantic getaway. The pictures we took are great- but It really is hard to grasp that great feeling of a Romantic Getaway- unless you experience it yourself!

This trip has also been on my bucket list for a couple years and was actually a surprise romantic trip that I had originally planned for a surprise romantic getaway for another couple.

This original trip was so much fun to plan, because it was a surprise for both of them and I adore surprise and helping couples pull off amazing surprises. This couple gave me the funds and filled out a questionnaire so I would know what kind of things they enjoyed and I made all the arrangements for the trip. They didn't even want to know their destination, till they showed up at the airport and opened

envelopes of where they were going and staying. The envelopes had detailed instructions for each day and had special romantic plans and other surprises for them through their trip as well. This couple chose the Surprise Option Package- You can check it out here

After planning this trip for another couple I knew that it was now going to be my own list of romantic getaways to plan for me and my husband.

I would love to plan a romantic getaway for you and your sweetheart as well! I also have great connections to get discounted prices for couples as well!

This makes a great romantic gift for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's date Night or just because you need to reconnect with spouse and don't want to stress about planning a romantic getaway!

You should definitely add driving to the Florida Keys to your Travel bucket list !

May 2021: Romantic Getaway To St. George UT

Our Fun Romantic Getaway To beautiful St. George UT this weekend!

We had a fun trip with just the two of us too- St. George UT. We had a great time with family and had git to go on this gorgeous 6 mile hike- The Tuacahn Loop trail.

Traveling and hiking is good for my soul! It brings me joy! Romantic Getaways bring me Joy as well!

March 2021: Romantic Getaway To Denver, Colorado

My husband had a business trip in Denver and he invited me along-

We drove from Utah and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the time to reconnect and reminisce during our drive.

We stopped at Iron Mountain Hot Springs(@ironmountainhotsprings) in Glenwood Springs- it was phenomenal and so relaxing! They have 16 different pools with natural minerals in them and they are various degrees!

We loved it!

Romantic Anniversary Glamping Getaway Feb 2021- Mystic Springs- Near Richfield Utah

Here is our latest Romantic Getaway to Central Utah to celebrate our Anniversary this weekend!

We reserved a glamping spot in a little town called Joseph UT at Wildland Gardens! It was so great! I was nervous that we would freeze but the canvas tent stayed really warm and the bed was super comfy! This was our first tine glamping and I was a huge fan.

We also reserved a spot to go soak at Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe UT. We went at 9:00 pm and on this particular evening we were the only ones for most of the evening! The Mystic Hot Spring was so fun and amazing. It has a really unique waterfall that reminds me of a Elephants trunk. The pools were hot and felt so great because the outside temperatures were freezing!

It was also amazing to star gaze in the country with no lights!

I would highly recommend this to other couples!

It was a fun and quick romantic getaway! We loved it!

I love to plan romantic getaways and Anniversaries and other various romantic experiences- if you want help planning a romantic getaway I would love to help as a Romance Coach!

Jan 2021- Surprise Romantic Getaway To "Rome Themed Date", American Fork Utah

Rome Themed Surprise Date at 5th East Hall @5theasthall

I surprised my hubby by telling him I had a special date planned for us - but did not tell him anything else:)

I packed an overnight night bag and hid it in the trunk, because I knew we were going to be staying at the Romantic 5th East Hall Bed and Breakfast Rome Suite (@5theasthall)

I took him out to dinner at our favorite Italian place and then blindfolded him as we drove to our next fun date surprise...we live close by this place so I drove random places to throw him off where we were actual going!

We loved the Rome Suite and everything about 5th East Hall Bed & Breakfast in American Fork UT!

It was clean and decorated perfectly and felt very romantic and cozy.

I was also impressed with their king size round comfy bed with sheer cloth curtains around it!

Another fun feature about this room was their huge shower with two shower heads!

They also brought a delicious breakfast that was included in the price.

I also loved that is was an affordable and easy way to feel like we were truly somewhere different! They have several different themed rooms as well!

I would highly recommend going here for a fun little romantic getaway or staycation idea!

To checkout more of their great romantic themed suites go to https://5theasthall.com/bed-breakfast/

September 2020-Romantic Getaway To Natural Hot Springs-Near Fillmore UT- Meadow

We found a treasured gem in the small town of Fillmore- with 3 natural hot springs that were just delightful! One you could even jump in and with a diving board. For more information checkout their fakebook page https://www.facebook.com/Meadow-Hot-Springs-103681671268540

My Birthday Trip Aug 2020: Romantic Getaway To Beautiful Montana!

We Got To Go To Beautiful Montana and Glacier National Park Was on my Husband's and I Travel

Bucket List and this trip did not disappoint! We did this as a Road Trip and Got to enjoy beautiful scenery the whole trip- We got to see wildflowers, beautiful alpine lakes and forests, amazing sunsets and amazing beautiful night sky's with so many stars!

You should definitely add Glacier National Park to your bucket list !

For my full itinerary and full review checkout this blog post at https://www.romanceenhanced.com/single-post/josie-s-latest-romantic-getaway-to-beautiful-montana

July 2020 Nevada/ UT Salt Flats- Romantic Day Trip

This video was a weekend trip that my husband and I took recently to the Salt Flats in UT and NV. It was a mini- romantic getaway/day date for us! We had a great time exploring an area that I had not seen and seeing the beautiful west dessert in UT and NV. The best part was our reminiscing together and our meaningful, deep, and fun and silly conversations on the long ride there and home.

I love to plan romantic getaways and romantic dates, and would love to help you as well!

June 2019-Romantic Getaway To Antelope Canyon - Arizona

Check out our quick Romantic Getaway we went on this last weekend and we had so much fun! We went to Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon near Page Arizona and to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon! This trip was very awesome and love going through antelope canyon which had been on my travel bucket list for a few years!

Romantic African Anniversary Getaway 2018- Anniversary Inn- Logan

We had a fun and romantic little getaway for our anniversary yesterday!!! We had an African theme and had a wild time!

I painted my nails leopard print- which I never do, we ate mostly meat like lions, played the Dating Divas animal safari game and we stayed at the Anniversary Inn-Logan- in their Swiss Family Robinson room,- which was Amazing!

We also ate at an authentic African place called Mamma Africa's- which was so fun to try new things and it was delicious! We also watched the "African Queen" and later went to "The Black Panther" which was perfect for our African theme.

I am a hopeless romantic and love planning themed dates, getaways, special occasions, and surprises! I would love to help you as well! Check out my website at: https://www.romanceenhanced.com/romantic-getaway-ideas of how I can help you plan your next anniversary or special occasion!



Do you ever dream about having a perfect romantic getaway with your spouse, but you do not have the time or energy to plan it?

Or you want your spouse to plan it for you and surprise you... but deep down you know it will probably never happen?

The Romance Coach will handle the stress and the romance plan and you have just sit back and relax and enjoy reconnecting with your spouse again.

As a Romance Coach I am a huge fan of couples taking trips together! In fact when couples come to me with relationship problems- one of the many questions I ask them is ...

When was the last time you had a romantic getaway with your spouse? ...

If it took you longer then 5 seconds to answer that- It has been too long. :)

And I would suggest planning and booking one ASAP and I would be happy to help you!

I ask this because- Romantic Getaways are one of the easy and fun ways to reconnect and feel in love in your marriage again.

Romantic Getaways Can Help You :

  • Get that spark back in your marriage again-

  • You get the chance to focus on each other again

  • You get to rekindle your love for each other

  • Creating unforgettable memories and experiences together

  • They help you bond and strengthen your marriage relationship

  • They help you relax and reconnect and help you face the world again

  • Usually these romantic getaways also include great intimate time(s) as well!

  • ...(This list can go on and on)

As a Romance Coach I Love To Help Individuals And Couples See That

Romance Can Be Easy And Be Obtainable!

As a Romance Coach, I want to help couples realize that their are easy and simple ways to strengthen your marriage relationship, that they can do today!

I enjoy helping other people who are not romantic to create more connection and romance into their marriages again- by providing easy to follow romantic plans, or planning and booking romantic getaway and I love every part of it!

Creating continual romance in your marriage is one of those things- that has such great benefits in building your marriage relationship.

I do all the work but you get the benefits and the credit for being so thoughtful and romantic!

One of the many services that I offer as a Romance Coach is that I LOVE to plan and execute romantic getaways for myself and for other couples as well!

Benefits of Having Romance Enhanced Consulting Plan Your Romantic Getaway

  • Whether your dream romantic getaway is all about fun and exiting new adventures, relaxing on beach or enjoying the serene mountains or exploring new cities, or relaxing at home-A Romance Coach can help make your dream vacation a reality!

  • I help you plan the perfect romantic getaway or stay-cation that is catered to you and for you and your sweetheart!

  • It is also catered to your budget as well- You set your budget and the Romance Coach will create the plan within that budget.

  • The romantic getaway plans from Romance Enhanced Consulting also focus on how to create romance through speaking easy others love languages.

  • They also focus on what males and females crave with intimacy. For women their is slow and sexy foreplay and emotional connection and also what guys crave with intimacy of physical connection.

  • *This makes a great romantic gift for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's date Night or just because you need to reconnect with spouse and don't want to stress about planning a romantic getaway

Wait... Your Saying Someone Else Will Plan A Romantic Getaway For Me And My Spouse... And I just Have To Show Up!...

This All Seems To Good To Be True!

I know what you’re saying these sounds too good to be true- but I assure you this is the real deal and your spouse will adore you!

You make one purchase, answer questionnaire so the Romance Coach can cater this romantic event to you and your spouse- and You will get unforgettable and romantic getaway package for you to follow, and then your wife will be amazed!

So click the buy now button and spoil your wife today!

Check out these great options below that can help you pick which romantic getaway service is best for you and your spouse!

Easily create a romantic date night at home or in a hotel- that is sent to you in a box. That will feel like a romantic getaway that will completely spoil you both

When you make this simple purchase you will get everything you need to create a romantic evening including themed romantic décor, light refreshments and a romantic bedroom game.

Let a Romance Coach Create a night of romance for you !

Let a Romance Coach help you avoid the hassle of trying to come up with the dream romantic getaway for you & your sweetheart!

Josie The Romance Coach Loves to plan romantic getaways- and surprises! She would love to help you plan an amazing romantic getaway as well. With this service you are paying for the romantic plan, However you will be responsible for all the costs associated with the getaway.

Do you get stressed out trying to plan romantic getaways?

Make it easy this year- Let a Romance Coach Handle all that stress this year and plan and book a amazing romantic getaway for you and your sweetheart. You tell the Romance Coach the dates, general area you want to go, and what your budget is and The Romance Coach Will help you book romantic destinations and plan romantic activities as well!

Fulfill your dream's and go on a complete surprise romantic getaway, where you open a envelope to find out where you are going!

As a Romance Coach I love to plan surprises as well! I would love to help you plan an amazing surprise romantic getaway where either it is a surprise for one of you or a complete surprise for you both where you open envelopes to see where you are going. Plus it will make you look good!

I am happy to work around varied budgets for the getaway as well. *However you will be responsible for all the costs associated with the getaway

Get more details for all of these great services at


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