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Easy And Simple Tips On How To Be Romantic, From A Romance Coach!

These blogs can help you find easy and practical ways to reignite that spark in your marriage!

Here are 10 Easy and Fun ways to be more Romantic

  • Find ways to make each other laugh! Be intentional about this! You know what your spouse likes and what can make them laugh! Maybe there's a fun inside joke you have or maybe it just being silly together!

  • All the Bedroom Games from Romance Enhanced Consulting will have you laughing and flirting together again!

  • Lovingly pin your spouse by a wall and gently make out with them for at least two minutes!

  • Initiate some fun and flirty foreplay! Women especially need this to get into the mood! Most women are like slow and sexy foreplay! So don't get in to big of a rush, just take things slow. Another thing that women enjoy and crave with foreplay is emotional connection as well!

  • All the Bedroom Games from Romance Enhanced Consulting will help you be intentional in slow and sexy foreplay together again!

  • Wives: Surprise your spouse by leading them seductively to your room or other places. Be the one to initiate love making, but because you want to!

  • Give your spouse a passionate kiss- Just because - bonus points if you pick her up and kiss her! Make her feel like she is in a movie for a few seconds!

  • Plan creative dates with different themes. These don't have to be expensive or elaborate but plan something different then what you usually do!

  • The Bedroom Games and Romance in Box Kits can help you easily plan fun and creative dates as well!

  • Show them you want them throughout the day not just once but several times a day! Kiss them in the Kitchen, Kiss in front of your kids~ Don't just tell them you love them- but show them as well! Intentionally do things to speak their love Languages!

  • Flirt with your spouse not just when you want some intimacy, but all the time- make it a habit! Think about what you did when you were dating your spouse or others to show them you really liked them and do that again.

  • Decorate your food with a heart and romantic flair- even if it is not Valentine's Day! Add some garnishes, or present it in a unique way. You could also pick up a unique treat or food that you do not eat very often or your Spouses favorite treat and serve it to them in fancy way!

Randomly surprise them- just because! Maybe that's a gift, or sweet note, or sincere compliment or doing an act of service that you know they would appreciate.


I hope you got some great ideas of easy things you can do to easliy be and do romantic things for your sweetheart.

I will also be posting Josie romantic tips every Saturday-on my social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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