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Easy Physical Touch Ideas From A Romance Coach!

I get it-It is not always easy to learn or speak a different love language. Learning how to speak your spouse's Love Language can be hard as well, especially when it does not come naturally.

However, The truth is being able to speak each other's love language is vital to having deep connection and love in your marriage.

As a marriage coach, I love to help couples reconnect and find deeper love with in their marriage.

This blog post will focus on the love language of Physical Touch:

People whom have Physical Touch as their Love Language feel loved most through physical touch!

Cuddle Up: Show your spouse lots of fun physical touch by using the fall weather as an excuse to cuddle up and be close

Make an effort to be close and hug each other. This may not seem like a big deal but, it means the world to someone whose love language is physical touch!

Checkout my recent blog for more physical touch ideas.

Gently Kiss the top of your spouses head/ side and whisper your love to them near their ears.

Gently put on/ take off your spouses necklace for them and then give the sweet kisses on their neck as well. To add some extra spice take off her necklace with just using your mouth- this works best with long necklaces but definitely turns the heat up!

Nestle up close and Kiss your spouses ears and neck gently for 2 mins. Leave them longing for more! This is definitely my week spot- I love my neck being kissed!

For more fun kissing ideas: checkout The Kiss & Tell Bedroom Game- Where you follow the romantic and fun and flirty cards to try and guess what your spouse is saying through their kisses!

Grab your spouse's bum sneakily somewhere in public.

My husband and I are not huge fans of PDA- (public displays of affection) However we do play this ongoing game of bum tag where we try to surprise the other one with sneaky bum grabs and do it so no one else sees.

My favorite time to do this is while taking pictures- and my hand is behind my husband or if I am standing behind him. It usually also creates a genuine smile for the pictures as well!;)

Spoil your spouse with what they like intimately. You innate but let them guide and show you what they want.

Get The Sexy Wife May I Gift for a romantic gift for her today! This game is that it uses all five love languages, in one great game! This make a great gift for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Her Birthday, Mother's Day your Anniversary, or just because you want to completely spoil your wife!

You can now buy this game gift wrapped and ready to give as a gift or you can buy it digitally and print it out! Many wives say this is the best gift they ever got, because it resonates so deeply with them!

Give Your Spouse a tight long hug- let them be the one to pull away first.

Give your spouse a relaxing back massage!

If you or your spouse loves massages- you should also checkout the Night Of Massage Date- where you both get spoiled with sensual and relaxing massages!


If you would like to get 30 Free more easy and romantic physical touch ideas go to:

I will also be posting these daily physical touch tips every Monday- for my Magical Monday Physical Touch Tips on my social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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