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Simple Ways To Speak The Love Language Of Physical Touch, From A Romance Coach

If two people are speaking different languages, communication can be difficult. This true in marriages as well with how you receive and give love in your marriage as well! I love Gary Chapman's Book The Five Love Languages ™ , where he describes 5 basic Love Languages Physical Touch, Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and acts of service. I personally think there is one more and that is to be romantic.:)

I get it-It is not always easy to learn or speak a different language. Learning how to speak your spouse's Love Language is hard as well, especially when it does not come naturally. The truth is being able to speak each other's love language is vital to having deep connection and love in your marriage.

As a marriage coach, I love to help couples reconnect and find deeper love with in their marriage.

This blog post will focus on the love language of Physical Touch:

People whom have Physical Touch as their Love Language feel loved most through physical touch!

  • Give your spouse a relaxing hand Massage, making sure your get all the fingers and the right pressure that they like. Hand massages are so relaxing and so great because we use our hands for everything!

  • Loving look into your spouse eyes and compliment them while touching them.

  • Females- give your spouse a naked surprise when he is not expecting it!

Give your spouse a passionate kiss when they comes home- leave them longing for more!

If you love kissing then play the kiss and tell bedroom game together from Romance Enhanced Consulting. In this game you have to guess what your spouse is trying to say through just their kisses.

This bedroom game is also a great gift for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Father's Day for him and for any other special occasion. You may also want to get this to bring that spark back into your marriage again.

  • Give your spouse a tender side hug- no words need to be said- but a sweet hug

  • Go Make out in the back seat of your car! For more physical touch ideas checkout my latest blog post on simple ways to speak the love language of physical touch ideas.

  • Physical Touch Tips: Cuddle and watch an amazing sunset/sunrise together! .

  • Give your husband some attention with your mouth- Kiss them all over! They will love this! For more ways to spoil your hubby check my monthly deals.

Give your spouse a sweet kiss on the cheek or forehead. This is especially nice if your spouse is having a hard day!

To get 30 Free more easy and romantic physical touch ideas go to:

I will also be posting these daily physical touch tips every Monday- for my Magical Monday Physical Touch Tips on my social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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I would love for you to share this with your spouse or friends or family that could benefit from it as well!


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