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12 Easy Tips To Spoil Your Husband- From A Female Romance Coach

Be romantic and impress your sweetheart, even if you believe you don't know how to be romantic or that you have no romantic ideas! Let a Romance Coach help you wow your spouse with a done for you easy and romantic ideas and gifts for your wife that requires minimal effort and time to set up and will make you look good!

Romance does not have to be expensive, time consuming and unobtainable! It can be all these things- but I want you to see that it does not need to be. Romance Enhanced Consulting strives to disprove these myths.

I have created easy tips and tricks to spoil your husband from a female Romance Coach.

These 12 Easy Tips & Tricks To Spoil Your Husband- From A Female Romance Coach also work great for Father's Day gift for you Husband, Birthday Gifts for Him, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Christmas or just because

* These tips also focus on the five love languages by Gary Chapman as well!

Easy Way To Spoil Him Tip # 1-

Initiate some love making and foreplay! Most Guys love when their wife innates flirting, foreplay and love making! I understand this may not be easy for some and may feel uncomfortable, but try and plan it in your mind. Make it a date where you can control what happens- meaning thinking about what you can do to make this happen

What are you going to wear?

What are you going to eat?

What kind of Music are you going to listen too?

What kind of atmosphere would help you get you in the mood?

What kind of things are you going to do get yourself in the mood?

What kind of things gets him in the mood?

What makes you feel sexy?

Easy Way To Spoil Him Tip # 2-

Do That Date that he has always wanted to do... Maybe that is going to a sport event or sports bar, golfing, ... Let him pick and then do not complain about it!

If you go to a basketball, baseball or football event- Checkout the sporty bedroom games from Romance Enhanced Consulting, that are fun for both of your because they focus on emotional and physical connection within intimacy! #datenightforhim

Easy Way To Spoil Him Tip # 3-

Do a random social media brag about him! Bonus points if you do this not on his birthday, Father's day or your anniversary- just do it at a random time! #socialmediabrag #husbandbrag #spousbrag

Easy Way To Spoil Him Tip # 4-

Most Men bond by doing things together! Go play catch together, or paly some fun flirty football together. Then go home and play The Touchdown Bedroom Game together and playfully tackle him!

this flirty and fun bedroom game, where you try and "score" a touchdown together, by following these flirty football themed cards! Watch out for those penalty cards though!

You will both love this bedroom game because it focus on emotional and physical connections within Intimacy!

The bedroom games from Romance Enhanced Consulting were created by a woman who knows what women want and crave with intimacy and understand what women want with emotional connection. This makes it is easy for you to satisfy this need of emotional connection by following the cards provided in the bedroom games! #giftforher #giftforwife #romanticgiftforher

Easy Way To Spoil Him Tip # 5-

Do a surprise household chore for him- Make Him his favorite dessert, surprising him by washing and vacuuming his car, Iron His Shirts...Do an act of service as a surprise for him! #actofserviceforher

Easy Way To Spoil Him Tip # 6-

The Baseball Game Of Love-Give Him a Gift That he Will Love And Will Spoil You Both Physically, Sexually and Emotionally!

If your sweetheart is a baseball or softball fan, plan special baseball date with them. As part of your date play the Baseball Game of Love From Romance Enhanced Consulting.

You try and get to all 4 bases- again by following the cute baseball themed cards provided in the game!

You will both enjoy this bedroom game because it focuses on physical & emotional connection. Your husband will love this sporty bedroom game and he will also be learning how to also connect better with you emotionally.

Easy Way To Spoil Him Tip # 7-

Leave him a sweet and or sexy voicemail message or text message with a song that is special to both of you or that reminds you of him, and tell him you are thinking of him! #oursong #lovesongs #romanticsongs

Easy Way To Spoil Him Tip # 8-

Give your Husband a themed romantic at home date night with Rose Petals & Candles that will completely spoil him and that is sent to you in box!

When you make this simple purchase you will get everything you need to spoil your husband with a night of a romance that he will not forget! You will also receive romantic décor to set up your romantic room and also a romantic bedroom game as gift! These games are designed to spoil women physically, emotionally and sexually!

Let a Romance Coach do the romantic work and you get the credit with The Romance in a Box Kit, from Romance Enhanced Consulting! These Romantic Date Kits are also within your budget and will wow and impress your wife with how romantic and thoughtful you are!

For a limited time get this done for you romantic date kit for a great deal at:

Easy Way To Spoil Him Tip # 9-

Make the time to spoil him by giving her an opportunity for a break- Let him do whatever he wants for the day with no honey do list or other obligations for him. Some things he might enjoy: taking a nap, going out with guy friends, tinkering in the garage, ... Take the initiative to make it happen by taking the kids, and/or setting up the time with his friends or whatever else needs to happen... #dadneedsabreak #breakfordad #spoilhim #easywaystospoilhim #ineedabreak

Easy Way To Spoil Him Tip # 10-

The Flirty & Dirty Basketball Bedroom Game can help you both enjoy basketball again. "Foul play" and " "fun dirty ball" is encourages as you try and distract your spouse from making the basket by following the basketball themed cards provided in the game! You will both enjoy this bedroom game because it focuses on physical & emotional connection. Your husband will love the basketball themed bedroom game and he will also be learning how to also connect better with you emotionally! #basketballgift

Easy Way To Spoil Him Tip # 11-

Spoil him with sensual and relaxing massages with The Night Of Massage Bedroom Game!

Sensual massage is a great way to grow closer and enjoy intimate touch. Use the sexy Night of Massage Bedroom Game, Romance Enhanced Consulting for your next date night together!

Are you searching for a ways to reconnect with your spouse again? Checkout this perfect gift for the wife who loves to get massages and be pampered! In fact you will both be pampered with sensual massages all over your body- however it will be up to chance or drawing the cards to find out how and where you will get your sensual massage!

This game is great for a romantic Valentine’s gift to each other, Your wife's Birthday or Mother's Day Gift just because you want to reignite that spark again.

Easy Way To Spoil Him Tip # 12-

Get The Kiss and Tell Bedroom Game from Romance Enhanced Consulting for a romantic gift or romantic date night with your husband.

You and your husband will love the Kiss and Tell Bedroom game because it is full of slow and sexy foreplay, romance and intimate kisses!

This game is like Charades, but you have to guess what you spouse is saying through just their kisses!

Don't worry, it is easy to play this game by just following the fun foreplay cards that are provided.

You will both enjoy this bedroom game because it focuses on physical & emotional connection.

It is great gift for Father's Day, His Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, a Anniversary Gift, or just because.


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