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Your Easy Button For Great Resouces To Having A Great Sex Life With Your Spouse/ Significant Other!

What does it take to have a GREAT sex life?

Do you have a GREAT sex life?

What does it really take to build the passionate, connecting sex life with your spouse that you may be craving?

And what other factors may be ERODING your connection, pleasure, or desire?

Is married sex different than you’d thought it’d be?

Does intimacy seem more complicated or out of reach than you hoped?

Is your sex life struggling?

Where do you go to get answers to all of your sex-related questions?

If You are noding yes to any of these questions-then Here is the answer to all these questions...

Dun Dun DUNNN...(Picture me Saying this With Jazz hands) INTRODUCING…

I am sooooo excited to tell you about the 2022 Sex Seminar. Myself and 23 leading professionals in the sex and marriage industry, are so excited to present to you our all-inclusive and engaging virtual Sex Seminar- hosted by the Dating Diva's.

These 23 highly educated & relatable experts have come together to create a place for you to get all the answers, advice, and resources you could ever need.

Get professional perspectives on everything from debunking male to female experience myths, achieving emotional intimacy, recovering from infidelity, working through loss of attraction, dealing with high to low drive differences, uncovering common sex questions, perfecting communication, reversing roommate syndrome, practicing sexual mindfulness, overcoming porn use, healing from betrayal, how to easily be more romantic;) and more!

This Sex Seminar is A resource that can completely restore, revive, and re-invigorate your sexual and emotional intimacy

  • The seminar combines the expertise of TWENTY-THREE leading professionals in the field of marriage and sex (including myself!:)

  • A comprehensive experience that delivers a variety of speakers with super applicable information

  • A format that can be enjoyed virtually from the comfort & privacy of your own home on YOUR own schedule without the awkward office visit or configuration of childcare


More Benefits From The 2022 Sex Seminar


(Your welcome for not saving it

till the end!)

This virtual seminar is typically available for a killer deal of just $35, but I get to offer you an even BETTER deal at $15 OFF! You’ll gain access to a wealth of sex and marriage knowledge for ONLY $20!! Click the link below to grab your all-access pass to the 2022 Sex Seminar, and start watching right away! Your sex life will never be the same.

Want an even BETTER deal?! You can also grab all THREE years of Sex Seminar videos 2020 + 2021 + 2022 in a bundle for just $46! That’s a savings of $34 at 43% off!


Avoid the awkward — these intimacy experts are coming to a screen near you! From the comfort & privacy of your own home, you and your spouse will be able to watch top-notch videos and presentations that will transform the way you approach sex in your marriage.

From the comfort & privacy of your own home, you and your spouse will be able to learn from the best of the best and access resources that will truly transform your sex life and the way you view intimacy in your marriage.


The 2022 Sex Seminar is filled with the best advice available and was designed by the brightest minds in the industry to transform your mindset about sex and intimacy in your marriage and overcome the common obstacles many couples face

All 23 highly educated & relatable experts have come together to create this seminar and make it a place for you to get all the answers, advice, and resources you could ever need. This year’s seminar covers a massive variety of topics and pain points:

  • The 8 Barriers Women Have to Sex — And How Their Men Can Help

  • Finding More Joy and Fulfillment in Sex — Reframing the Male Sexuality Myths Holding You Back

  • Getting IT On while Expecting — The Ins & Outs of Sex During Pregnancy

  • Men's Sexual Health — How to Last Longer, Have Deeper Pleasure, and be a Better Lover

  • How To Attract Your Wife — Even After Infidelity & Even if You're the Only One Who Wants to Work on it

  • How Regular Is Your Romp? — How Often Should You Make Love & Where to Find the Time?

  • Initiating Ideas & Styles — How to Get a “Yes” to Sex More Often

  • Getting in the mood — 10 Tips for Flipping the Switch From Stress to Yes!

  • How To Ramp Up Your Sex Drive — Tips For The Low-Drive Spouse

  • Sex Ed 101 — Uncovering The Most Common Sex Myths

  • 7 Ways To Have The Best Sex Ever — The Sex Ed Class They Don’t Reveal In School

  • Flirty and Wordy — Top 10 Books to Improve Your Sex Life

  • Uncompromising Intimacy — Stop Compromising and Learn to Create Emotional, Sensual, & Erotic Intimacy

  • Your Marriage Can Be Great When You Learn How to Communicate

  • Sex is the Linchpin & Lubricant for a Deeply Bonded & Intimate Marriage

  • Sexual Mindfulness — How Slowing Down Will Increase Your Relationship Intimacy and Intensity

  • Roommate Syndrome — How To Get Your Sex Life Un-Stuck

  • End Your Argument Hangovers So You Can Return to Intimacy Faster — 5 Steps to Truly Repair

  • Fact or Fiction — Is Pornography Really an Addiction?

  • Porn Use From the Betrayed Perspective — Affects on Your Marriage, Identity & Narrative on Sexual Intimacy

  • Foreplay 24/7/365

  • Secrets to Easily Being Romantic — Even If You Are Not The Romantic Type- From Josie The Romance Coach:)

  • 5 Steamy Dates For The Bedroom — Creative & Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

SO MANY great topics. So many conversations we need to be having. And I can promise you there’s no one else you’d rather be learning from, because these marriage professionals will have you laughing and comfortable in no time.


Whether life is stressing you out, or it’s the sex that’s stressing you out, I can help! There’s so much more that goes into a healthy sex life than we may realize. Not to mention the many different perspectives, outlooks, and even MYTHS that we’ve had repeated to us. Whether you are a man or a woman… A low drive spouse or a high drive spouse… A hopeless romantic or a fanatic for the facts… THIS seminar will speak to YOU. 23 top marriage and sex experts (including myself!) have gathered this year to share all the best tips, advice, perspectives, and strategies that will take the stress out of sex and get you connecting with your spouse more intimately, frequently, and fulfillingly.


Come join me, Josie The Romance Coach at a huge discounted price

to Learn How To Easily Be Romantic, Even If You Are Not The Romantic Type!

Guys I am beyond excited to be part of the 2022- Dating Diva's Sex Seminar!

You can now get this course inside the Dating Diva's 2022 Sex Seminar!

I have revised and created a easy online course on The Secrets To Easily Being Romantic, Even If You Are Not The Romantic Type and I am excited to share it with you!

I passionatley believe that anyone can be romantic, and I want to prove it to you with this fun and quick online course for couples on how to easily romnitc.

In this course I teach * Easy tips on how to bring in more romance into your marriage.

*You will also find easy and fun tips on how to be intentional in your relationship again! * Give you real life stories and examples of how to apply these teachings * Plus you will also get some of my insider Romance Coaching ideas on how to easily pull off romantic evenings.

*This easy & qucik onlice course can also help you reconnect in meaningful ways again, and help you get that spark back into your relationship again.

This course is great for couples seeking for easy ways to bring the spark and romance back into your relationship again. This is also a fun date night to do together or you can do individually as well!

Here is a little teaser of this romantic course!


I am like you - I love to find deals and discounts!

Join Romance Enhanced deals and discount email list here

We’ve made this Sex Seminar accessible to EVERYONE

by ensuring it’s the sweetest deal around!

You can buy my romantic course on my webiste for 1/2 off right now-

which is around $23 and that is a steel of a deal.

However getting it here in the 2022 Sex Seminar is your best deal you'll find!

*This is the lowest price you will find this romatnic course all year long,

plus you get all the other amazing resources from my fellow friends and relationship experts too.

Using my special link's, this $35 seminar (already a killer deal) is majorly discounted down to ONLY $20!

That’s right. This is less than a DOLLAR per session because it is my mission to make this impactful information as readily available to YOU as it possibly can be. So Here Is Your Easy Button For Great Resouces To Having A Great Sex Life With Your Spouse

(Literally just click these buttons and my amazing discount price

witll automatically be discounted for you!)

If you want to DOUBLE up the savings, grab the Sex Seminar bundle to see 46 presentations from all three years (2020 + 2021 + 2022) for just $46 total! (Usually $80!) Click this Button and this discount will automatically be applied! No promo codes- just click either of these buttons!



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