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Marriage Help to help you build a strong relationship during social distancing!

Social distancing and being in quarantine can definitely take it toll on your relationship. It is important to help each other through this difficult time. Take some time to do a relationship check up, see how you are both feeling with the quarantine and how it is affecting you and if there is anything that you can to do help

Here are 3 easy and romantic tips to help you strengthen your relationship now and anytime!

# 1- Understand and speak your spouse's Loves Language Daily if possible!

Love Languages are the way you give and receive love. Click here to learn more about the Love Languages.

Love Languages are from Gary Chapman's famous book of the Five Love Languages of Love! ( I highly recommend this book as well!)

There are 5 Love Languages: You feel loved with Physical Touch, You feel loved with gifts, You feel loved with spending quality time together, you feel loved with acts of service and in my personal opinion I think there is 1 more- and that is being romantic!

I have created a FREE Marriage webinar that goes into more detail about these love languages and why it is important to speak the language that your spouse feels love in your relationship.

I challenge you with the extra time we have make time to speak your spouse's Love Language Daily. This does not have to be complicated or hard and will probably take 5 minutes or less to do. Speaking their love language will help you have better connection and to feel in love again with each other again. I get it though sometimes speaking your spouse's love language does not feel natural or comfortable. To help you out with this challenge, I have created 5 google docs with checklist of easy and simple things to help you speak your spouse's love language that you can get these for FREE by signing up for your my deals and discount list at https://www.romanceenhanced.com/love-languages-made-esay

As a Romance Coach I also love to post easy daily love language and romantic tips that help you strengthen your relationship together on my social media channels at https://www.instagram.com/romanceenhanced/ https://www.facebook.com/romanceenhancedconsulting/

#2 Spice up the boring same old thing with some romance!

As a Romance Coach, I can teach you ways that you can impress and wow your spouse through bringing in more romance into your relationship, even if you are not the romantic type. I love planning and creating romantic dates and events for you, so you can enjoy connecting with your spouse again, while taking out the stress of planning it! I have a special gift and talent for planning creative romantic dates, romantic getaways that all catered to you and your spouse!

Bring the spark back and have some great intimacy in your relationship with my classy bedroom games that will help you continually build up your marriage relationship. These bedroom games focus on the emotional connection which is usually what women crave with intimacy and the physical foreplay aspects of intimacy as well, which is usually what men crave with intimacy. So you will both enjoy these fun and flirty bedroom games together!

These done for you romantic gifts are great because they are created by a women who knows exactly what women want and crave in relationships- so it will be like you are reading your wife's mind!

These bedroom games make a done for you romantic gift for your spouse and they are also great for at home sexy dates as well! Check them out at https://www.romanceenhanced.com/all-products

My favorite romantic service that I offer to help bring in romance is a Year of Romance that is all done for you - You would get all the benefits of having more connection and romance in your marriage without all the hard work! You would not have to worry about forgetting an important holiday again! You get romantic gifts sent to you for Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day,Mother's Day, Father's Day, Your Wife's Birthday and also your birthday. Plus you will get a customized romantic anniversary plan and getaway plan in this package as well!

Here is an honest fact: Women want you to surprise them and continue to be romantic with them! I know this may not always be on guys radar or on your mind, but I can assure it is on your wife's mind!

#3 Continue to Date

Making your marriage or your relationship a priority is still crucial. Here are some good ideas to help you with at home date nights!

* Go on a picnic in your backyard or patio

* Make something to eat together-

* Work on a project together

* Spoil your wife with the The Sexy Wife May I Bedroom Game!

* Have some pillow talk in your room. Asking each other conversation starter questions.

* Give each other massages and play The Night of Massage Bedroom Game (This is a great gift for you wife for Mother's Day or her Birthday or just because!)

* Play some board games together- with adding in some spicy and sexy rules in the games.

* Go for a drive together- If allowed.

* Missing sports: Create your own fun sport theme date night with The Flirty and Dirty Basketball Game ,The Baseball Game of Love ,or The Touchdown Bedroom Game. (These are all great gift ideas for him for his birthday or Father's Day as well!)

* Read a book about strengthening your relationship together!

* Watch a comedy show together and laugh till your sides hurt!

* Where permitted drive up in the mountains and hike!

* Exercise together- Give each other some fun challenges to do together!

* Play some board games that make you laugh together!

* Do a virtual game night with some family or friends!

* Order some take out and make a candle light dinner in your home or room!

* Take a relaxing bath together!

* Play the Kiss and Tell Bedroom Game: Where you try and guess what your spouse is saying through their kisses.

* Create a romantic room atmosphere with rose petals and candles with The Romantic Bedroom Kit from Romance Enhanced Consulting.

* Give up the remote and let your spouse choose the show/movie.

Checkout www.romaneceenahnced.com/shop for more ideas on how to help strengthen your relationship as well.

Josie McEwen

Romance Coach

Romance Enhanced Consulting



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