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Josie's Latest Romantic Getaway- To Beautiful Montana!

As a Romance Coach I love to plan romantic getaways and would love to help

you plan your next romantic getaway as well!

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Checkout my Husband and I latest romantic getaway to beautiful Montana!


We started our adventure in Montana at the Lewis and Clark Caverns. These natural limestone caves were absolutely stunning! It was also nice a cool inside the caves as well.


We then drove a little further and camped at the Court of The Sheriff Campground. This campsite was right by the huge and gorgeous lake called Ferry Lake! We were a little worried as we were cooking dinner when we got a rain shower. We were worried it would last all night- but luckily it was just little storm and it created the most amazing sunset over the lake that night. It was breath taking and it kept getting better and better as the night progressed. We were lucky to have a campsite that was close to the lake as well!

Gates of The Mountian's Boat Tour

We booked a tour on the Gate Of The Mountains Boat Tour, and we were so glad that we did. The lake and the river were stunning against the huge white mountains that you can only see through a boat tour. The Boat tour takes about two hours, and is so worth it. It was so nice to be able to just relax and sit back and enjoy the pristine wilderness that has been preserved for thousands of years. We also saw bald eagles and their huge nests as well! You were also able to bring a lunch/snack and eat at cute little picnic spot that you can only access through boats or a extreme backpacking experience!

Romantic Cocoon Experience in Essex Montana- Close to Glacier National Park

In my research I came across Clear Sky Resorts- (Essex, MT) close to Glacier National Park - Where they advertised tree house cocoons and being able to sleep under the stars! There slogan is “Where spectacular glamping meets you under the Stars”. Glamping under the stars in a tree house cocoon sounded amazing, adventurous and very romantic to me. So we booked it! This was definitely a unique and unforgettable romantic experience!

These Tree house Cocoon’s are round and suspended in the trees. They are surrounded by thick tall pine trees in a pristine forest. Our cocoon had a monkey bridge that you crossed to get to the cocoon. Each Cocoon has a comfortable queen bed and some space around the bed for your luggage! There are also three windows at the top for star gazing. One thing that was different then what I was expecting that the whole top half of the cocoon would be clear plastic, for star gazing, but was surprised when there were only three round windows. It was still fun to have the natural light and to be able to see the night sky.

Montana is known for their beautiful sky’s- even though it rained the night we stayed in the cocoon:/, the other nights during our stay in Montana the stars were amazing and so bright and clear in Montana.

The Clear Sky Resorts also had romantic quaint Cabin’s for rent as well on their property. They also had a little bar/restaurant available, public campfire’s lite with benches around them, a big screen for watching movies at night, a variety of lawn games available, relaxing and romantic seating stations and a clean bath house as well! The staff at the resort was really friendly and accommodating as well.

Something’s to know before you go-

1- Check the weather report- windy or rainy will make it less appealing stay!

2- If you are susceptible to motion sickness this may not be the best place for you. The room sways with any movement. This also makes for a unique experience for being intimate

3- You are staying in Bear Country- So No food is allowed in the cocoons

4- There is no power or Wi-Fi inside the cocoon- so pack some flashlights.

5- Wi-Fi was available around the bar/restaurant.

6- You need to book online.

7- Bathhouse and restrooms are little ways away from cocoons. Bring your own towels and shampoo.

Clear Sky Resorts contact info:

1-406-219-7811 ClearSkyResorts.com 13951 Highway 2 East, Essex, MT 59916


I have always wanted to go visit, Glacier National Park, because of the stunning and pictures of amazing lakes and waterfalls that I have seen. Glacier National Park was so amazing, even though it was busy it was sooooo beautiful. Their really are waterfalls and alpine lakes, and wildflowers everywhere! These are my three favorite things so I was in heaven everywhere we went!

We drove up through the canyon on the famous Going to Sun Road- On this road you are continually climbing in elevation and around each bend is another breathtaking view of the gorgeous park. It had rained the night before, so there were waterfalls coming off all the high peaks. As we were by Logan Pass which is closer to the top of the canyon- the wind was also blowing and it felt like it was winter up there- even though it was 80 degrees the day before!

Another thing that I loved was all the wildflowers that were seriously everywhere! Wildflowers are my thing! They are my all time favorite and when ever I see them it makes my heart happy! August is prime wildflower season for Glacier National Parks

Unfortunately some of the most famous lakes were closed due to aggressive Bear behavior.

We still went on some amazing hikes within the canyon as well. We hiked to three amazing waterfalls that are close to Lake Mary! Lake Mary has this amazing light teal color to it that is hard to describe unless you see it!


On our way home we stopped and hiked to several Alpine Lakes within the Bitter Root Forest- that were so peaceful and absolutely stunning!!!! They were called Baker Lake, Middle Lake, and Gem Lake. There were also waterfalls and wildflowers here as well!

On our way home we took the scenic route through Idaho forests as well! We felt like we were on cloud 9 throughout the whole trip! I would highly recommended going and seeing any of these amazing sights!

The scenery was amazing, but so was the company! I love being able to reconnect with my sweetheart! This trip was just what we needed to reconnect and build up our relationship and our love! I find joy in planning Romantic Getaways for me and my husband, but also for other couples!

Let me a help you rekindle that spark in your marriage as well with a done-for- you romantic getaway plan for you and your sweetheart!

I would love to take the stress and the hassle out of your next romantic getaway and help you plan a romantic getaway for you and your sweetheart!

This will romantic getaway is catered to what you and your spouse enjoy and also to your budget as well!

If you are not the romantic type, I would love to add romantic flare to your next getaway with your spouse!

* no filters or editing are on these pictures!


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