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Easy Ways To Speak The Love Language Of Acts Of Service, Even If It Is Not Your Love Language

This marriage blog post will focus on the love language of Acts of Service:

People who have the Act of Service as their Love Language feel loved most when they are served or when they are serving others!

If two people are speaking different languages, communication can be difficult. This is true in marriages as well with how you receive and give love in your marriage as well!

I love Gary Chapman's Book The Five Love Languages ™ , where he describes 5 basic Love Languages Physical Touch, Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and acts of service. I personally think there is one more and that is to be romantic.:)

I get it-It is not always easy to learn or speak a different language. Learning how to speak your spouse's Love Language is hard, especially when it does not come naturally.

The truth is being able to speak each other's love language is vital to having deep connection and love in your marriage.

As a marriage coach, I love to help couples reconnect and find deeper love with in their marriages by providing easy and simple ideas to speak your spouses love languages.

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Here are 10 Easy and Fun ways to show more Acts of Service-

Work on a project around the house together! Being willing to serve makes a huge difference to someone whose love language is acts of service!

Fortunate Friday Acts Of Service Tip: Bring your sweetheart their favorite drink!

Do a something where you can serve together!

Scrub the toilets or some other unsavory parts of the home that your spouse does not like to clean.

Sweep the house or garage without being asked!*You could add some spice to this act of service idea and as my friend @Monica Tanner, who helps married couples to get the spark back in their marriage, recently said in her Facebook group " have a clean the floor naked night"!😂 I thought this was a great idea!

Help fold laundry or other chore that your spouse usually does- Some wives say this is one of the sexiest things to get them turned on:)

Make them laugh! Maybe this is funny memes, watching their favorite comedy or comedian together, being silly together, reminiscing about funny things that have happed together... You know your spouse the best and know what can get them laughing!

At Romance Enhance Consulting we really strive to make Romance Easy-even if you are not the romantic type~ We have done for you romantic gifts that are created with strengthening your marriage and intimate relationship in mind.

Josie the Romance Coach has created Bedroom Games that focus on all the love languages and also on physical and emotional connection. Emotional Connection is what most women crave with intimacy and it is all laid out for you in these romantic bedroom games.

Get 30 Free more easy and romantic Act Of Service ideas go to: https://romanceenhanced.clickfunnels.com/30-easy-and-romantic-tips

I will also be posting Act of Service Tips every Friday- for my Act Of Service Tip on my social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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I would love for you to share this with your spouse or

friends or family that could benefit from it as well!


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