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Create a easy I am thankful for you date for your sweetheart!

Create an easy I am thankful for you date for your sweetheart! Last week I decided I wanted to do something extra special for my husband, who has been working so hard lately and is in the middle of his busy season at work. So I spoiled him with a Romantic Gratitude/ Fall Themed Date and dinner in our bedroom.

Here's how you can do the same:

✔I sent him a text that said, "I had "fallen" for him! I made us dinner reservations for a fun and flirty fall date tonight" then gave him the time and where to be- letting the anticipation build...

✔I set up a Romantic atmosphere with fall decor in our bedroom!

✔printed out and cut the cute fall lunchbox sayings from the @datingdivas, while lasagna cooked- ✔ put on sexy outfit and got ready.

✔got out the fancy table cloths, and fancy napkins, wine glasses, candles, and our best dishes and set up a romantic dinner for two in our bedroom.

✔made lasagna- his favorite meal!

✔decorated our plates with apples and real cinnamon sticks, frozen cranberries in our drinks, parsley on our food - I love decorating food!

✔ Turned on the Fireplace (app:) and Greeted him with a sweet kiss and showed him all the surprises!-

For The Date:

✔ I made a toast to him thanking him for all he does for me and our family and expressing my genuine gratitude for him!

✔We took turns reading the fun lunch box cards from the Dating Divas together

✔Enjoyed a relaxing and romantic meal together in the comforts of our own bedroom by a fire!

✔One of my favorite parts of the date was also a when we did a " Sixty Second Romantic Blessing " inspired from @marriage365.- where you look at each other and genuinely tell each other what you love and are grateful for each other for sixty seconds.- ours ended up being 5 minutes or more! It was so great and he even got me all tearing up with his sweet gratitude. This date was super easy and fun to pull off a fall surprise for my husband!

Do you want a romantic date planned out for you?

If you are not the romantic type, I would love to help you create romantic dates for you! As a Romance Coach, I love to plan romantic themed dates! I can plan themed dates of your choosing or I also have done for you romantic date ideas that have everything you need for a romantic date night for two!

Click Here to earn more about how a Romance Coach can help you bring back the fun and romance back into your marriage again!!!

Luxury Date: If you live in Utah or Salt Lake County, I can set up the romantic atmosphere for your date for you! I can do this in homes or is hotel rooms as well! The Romance Coach will plan the perfect romantic Sport themed date for you and your sweetheart, and set it up for you!

This romantic gift includes a romantic gift of The Baseball Game of Love Bedroom Game, The Touchdown Bedroom Game, The Flirty & Dirty Basketball Bedroom, themed romantic sport decor, personalized banners and light refreshments.

This is a easy way for you surprise your spouse with a fun romantic evening! This makes a great romantic gift for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s date night or just because you need to reconnect with spouse & don't want to stress about planning a romantic date!

Surprise your sweetheart with the gift of a unforgettable gift and stress free Romantic themed Date and romantic room experience that is all sent to you in box! You would have everything you need to set up a themed romantic atmosphere including hanging decorations and personalized banners, snack decor, and light refreshments ! You would also get will get your themed bedroom game for a prefect romantic evening for two!

Easy Romantic Dates to Spoil Him:

Easy Romantic Dates to Spoil Her& Him

Easy Romantic Dates to Spoil Him:

Easy Romantic Dates to Spoil Her& Him

Easy Romantic Dates to Spoil Him:

Easy Romantic Dates to Spoil Her:



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