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Celebrate Romance Awareness Month With These Amazing Deals From Josie The Romance Coach!

As a Romance Coach my main focus is on helping couples make romance easy. That's why I am so excited this month is Romance Awareness Month!

If you know anything about me you know that I love all things romance!:)

Being romantic has always been one of my hobbies- weird I know- It is not what most people list as a hobby, but I have always loved to help other people look and be romantic, even if they are not!

I have always been a hopeless romantic and love planning out romantic dates for my husband and for friends and family as well.

Even as a young girl I would help my dad with romantic surprises for my mom. Haha- I even made my dad jump out of a box with roses to surprise her once.

One day my unromantic husband said to me, “You are so creative and great with coming up with these romantic ideas…, “If I could pay someone like you to make me look romantic, I totally would!”

And That is where my business idea got started…

Romance comes easy to me- but I know that it does not come easy to everyone! But I am passionate that ANYONE can be romantic!

Here are just some of the benefits of having more romance in your marriage!

· It helps you to fall in love again

· It helps couples and a woman especially to feel wonderful and special and needed!

· Having more romance and connection is what most females crave in their relationships.

· It helps you to appreciate one another again!

· It helps re-ignite and keep the spark alive in your relationship!

· It brings the passion and fun back into your relationship

· You are showing your sweetheart in different ways how much they mean to you!

· It helps you reconnect in ways that you had forgotten about!

Some commen misconceptions about romance is: That Romance is time consuming, has to be elaborate, and unobtainable.- Now it can be all these things- but it does not have to be…

With it being Romance Awareness Month I want to help convince you - that anyone can be romantic!- Even if you think of yourself as not the romantic type.

To further prove my point that anyone can be romantic, I have created a quick and easy online course - Secrets To Easily Being Romantic! In this course I teach you how to easily be romantic and as a bonus you also get access to some of my best romantic ideas as well.

In this fun and easy course I prove and show you that romance does not have to be time consuming, elaborate or expensive!

Romance can be very simple and sweet! here are some examples such as picking up something you know your sweetheart loves, writing a sweet note, cooking their favorite thing, spending time together and so much more.

I love to help people understand that speaking their spouse's love language is being romantic. Also choosing to do the little things and be intentional with what you know your sweetheart loves- is being romantic.

Come learn more of how easy it is to be romantic!

To Celebrate Romance Awareness Month I am offering this course for 50% Off for the month of Aug!

*If you get sent the link for this course- take the hint-:) Your spouse is wanting more romance!

I highly recomend taking this course together, but it can also be done seperatly as well!

15% Off Done For You Romantic Bedroom Games To Celebrate Romance Awareness Month

All the bedroom games focus on emotional & phsyical connection and are created by Josie The Romance Coach. There are games for him & her- but you will both enjoy them and they will help you reconnect and get that spark back into your relationship!

All these bedroom games are shipped to you in the US or you get the DIY version and print these out at home.

*Or you can take it a up a notch further and get a Romantic Bedroom Game in my Romantic Date Kits as well!

Get 15% Off Done For You Romantic Date Night Kit To Celebrate Romance Awareness Month

All of these date night kits come with

* Rose Petals

* Candles

* Themed Decor

* Personlized Banners

* Romatnic refreshments & containers ( drinks not provided)

* A bedroom game of your choice

All of this makes it so easy to pull off a surprise romantic date night fromt the comfort of your own home!

Or if you live in or will be staying in Salt Lake County or Wasastch county in Utah you can get a Luxury Romantic Suite Experince with evreything listed above plus much more- But you would get the benefit of having a Romance Coach set everything up for you.

15% Off Done For You Romantic Luxury Suite Experiences To Celebrate Romance Awareness Month

Here are more great resources to easily be romantic this month

15% Off Done For You Romantic Consulting Plans To Celebrate Romance Awareness Month

One Example of Couple I Helped To Plan Their Anniversray-

I helped a poor couple plan a surprise anniversary date for her husband, on very little of a budget. She confided in me that she wanted to do something very special for her husband for their anniversary, but she had two problems

1- she had no idea what to do and

2- they were college poor.

Through talking with her and discovering that one of her husband’s love languages was quality time, I then helped her plan and implement a romantic scavenger hunt for her sweetheart of all the places that were important to them while dating such as their first place they met, and kissed and so forth… I also instructed her to show him love through his love language all throughout the day! They said it was such a special and romantic evening together and felt their love was renewed.

Let Josie help you book and plan an unforgetable Romantic Getaway for you!

One Example out of many of Couple I Helped To Plan Their Romantic Getaway-

I also helped a couple that had felt like they had grown distant from one another in their 15 years of marriage. I helped them plan out a surprise romantic getaway for his wife. On the way to the romantic getaway I had them play games that would help them reminisce about all the good times they have shared together and then also had some great conversation starters that they were able to discuss and work through some of their issues in a non-confrontational way. I also suggested several ways for the husband to show his love to her in her love language and also simple and romantic things to do to spice up their trip. They both loved the trip and felt like they were able to reconnect again and felt happy in their marriage once again!

Get a year full of romantic gifts, instead of just one with The Year Of Romance Packages

I would love to help you plan a Year of Romance- where you get romantic gifts and experiences sent to you throughout the year!

You get the benefits of having more romance in your marriage without the work!

You will get done for you romantic date night kits for all the important holidays through the year, including : Christmas, Valentine's Day, Both Spouses Birhdays and Mother's & Father's Day.

You can also upgrade to have an amazing anniversary date planned out for you and a unforgettable romantic getaway planned out of for you by a Romance Coach!

Here is what one happy customer said- Josie the Romance Coach- "really went out of her way with each of the date night kits to cater to our particular likes and wants. We love having the convince of having a Year Of Romance that was all planned out for us" - Rose

All these romantic gifts and romantic planning services are great for Anniversaries, romantic birthday gifts, or just for a fun & easy way to surprise you sweetheart! Come take advantage of these discounted deals duirng the month of Aug!

I look forward to helping you easily bring more romance and connection into your relationship- If you have any questions or interested in working with me please don't hesitate to reach out and email me at


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