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The Best Gift For Busy Couples That Wants To Stay Connected= The Year Of Romance Packages

Wouldn't it be nice if you could pay someone to be romantic for you and you get all the benefits?

Now you can have that with the Year of Romance Package from Romance Enhanced Consulting!

Does Your Marriage Feel Stale Or Boring?

Do You Not Feel Loved In Your Marriage?

Are you A busy couple, wanting more romance and connection in your marriage?

Does your spouse keep telling you they want more romance in your marriage,

but you are not sure how to be romantic?

If so-Now Is The Time To Fix And Repair Your Marriage! Start your year off right by committing to have more connection and love in your marriage!

As a Romance Coach, this is my mission and passion to help couples to have fun and romantic relationships, that are filled with love and connection. That is why I want this next year to be the best year for you and your sweetheart.

I also get that life is busy, and being intentional and romantic often get put on the back burner in relationships, with everything else going on in life. Marriage and Intimate Relationships take a lot of dedication and work, but they are also intended to be fun, and romantic as well!

Each relationship faces it your own unique set of challenges. And despite those challenges, you can still have love and romance and fun in your marriage/ relationships. As a Romance Coach, I want to help you and your sweetheart create a fun and loving relationship this next year.

Now I do not have a magic wand to make things all better, but I do have a really great resource that can help you to easily create romance, connection, love and fun, all year long into your relationship! I would like to make your life easier by providing the tools and resources to build and strengthen your relationship.

As a Romance Coach I want to help you create the marriage of your dreams this next year with the great resource of The Year Of Romance Packages!

(And they are on a Mega sale of 65% off- but only till Jan 7th!)

It is a new year, so you can decide to just keep doing things as you are doing and wishing for more connection and romance or you make the choice to act and do things different this year different and focus on building your relationship, easily adding romance and fun into your relationship.

The question is, are you willing to take action to ensure a fun & romantic relationship that is strong & full of connection this year?

Are you willing to take the time and make it a priority to do what is need to build your relationship this year?

As a Romance Coach I get it- being romantic does not come natural to everybody, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy romance and romantic experiences!

My Main Goal Is To Make Romance Easy For You I Love To Help Couples To Feel In Love Again!

I would love to provide a Year of Romance- where you get romantic gifts and experiences sent to you throughout the year!

The best part is that the Romance coach does all the work and you get the credit for being so thoughtful and romantic!

If you are not the romantic type, but that is what your wife is always asking you to be- this package is for you!

You will get done for you romantic date night kits, amazing anniversary date planned out for you and a unforgettable romantic getaway planned out of for you by a Romance Coach!

Just think you will not have to:

  • No more feeling stressed, discouraged and anxious in planning big romantic gestures or gifts for my spouse. Make one purchase and answer some questions and the Year of Romance and you will be ready to have a fun year of romance and fun!

  • No more spending hours searching online or on those late night shopping trips to find a thoughtful and romantic gift for your sweetheart.

  • No more forgetting important dates like wife's birthday , anniversary, because the gifts are sent to you!

Romance For A Year Package Benefits:

  1. Easiest gift ever, because it is all done for you, but makes you look awesome!

  2. It will also help you connect and reconnect to your spouse!

  3. These romantic gifts are husband and wife approved.

  4. The intimate bedroom games all have different aspects of the Five Love Languages. So you will be able to connect in many different ways,

  5. All the classy bedroom games focus on emotional and physical connection that is associated with intimacy and helps teaches couples how to fulfill these needs. This will also help you to meet her emotional needs with intimacy as well, which is what most women crave with intimacy! Guys: You will be her hero and your will be reconnecting again with your sweetheart, in ways that you did not know was possible!

  6. Each of the bedroom games, that come in the date night kits are unique and bring some fun flirty foreplay and deep connection into your relationship. (*the bedroom games are centered around traditional male/female couples. )

More Benefits!

  1. These gifts come with everything you need to pull off the perfect romantic night- multiple times through the year and all you have to do is set it up- making your life easy.

  2. Plus they are shipped to you with in the US- so you do not have to fight the crowds or worry about going to the store or finding a romantic gift for your sweetheart!

  3. The Anniversary plan & getaway plans will require minimal effort from you; however it will also come with easy to follow instructions on what to do and is catered to you and your spouse's likes and preferences and budget!

  4. These packages are created by a woman, who knows what women and men want and crave and will help you easily please your spouse!

  5. With this package you will have less chance of you forgetting a important event/holiday.

  6. You would be spoiling each other with romantic gifts and surprises that you will both love not once, but multiple times through the year!

  7. These products and plans will strengthen your marriage/ relationship all year!

  8. Get hassle free romance for a year!

  9. Overall your marriage will be more exciting and you will feel more in love and have more connection in your marriage!

THE YEAR OF ROMANCE PACKAGE- From Romance Enhanced Consulting comes in three different package deals: Bronze, Sliver, and Gold, with each one adding more goodness!

In the Bronze Package you get 7 romantic date night kits for the price of 6: These are all the holidays that will be covered in this package!

😍Valentine's Day,

🍀St. Patrick's Day

🌷Mother's Day

😎Father's Day

🎉Both Of Your Birthdays

+ 30 FREE Romantic Love Language Tips

you get 7 romantic date night kits for the price of 6: These are all the holidays that will be covered in this package

😍Valentine's Day,

🍀St. Patrick's Day

🌷Mother's Day

😎Father's Day

🎉Both Of Your Birthdays


+ 30 FREE Romantic Love Language Tips

+ Marriage Webinar: How your marriage is like owning a car- From Josie The Romance Coach

+💋 Romantic Anniversary Plan that is catered to you and your spouse's likes and budget

you get 7 romantic date night kits for the price of 6: These are all the holidays that will be covered in this package

😍Valentine's Day,

🍀St. Patrick's Day

🌷Mother's Day

😎Father's Day

🎉Both Of Your Birthdays

+ 30 FREE Romantic Love Language Tips

+ Marriage Webinar: How your marriage is like owning a car- From Josie The Romance Coach!

+ Quick & Easy online course on how to be romantic- By Josie The Romance Coach!

+💋 Romantic Anniversary Plan that is catered to you and your spouse's likes and budget

+Romantic Getaway Plan that is catered to you and your spouses likes & Budget

Wives get the best wife award and get the Year Of Romance Package for him & you! Plus Get it for it's lowest prices ever of 65% off.

  • He will also love that he is off the hook and for planning and finding romantic gifts for the year.

  • Your Husband will also enjoy all the great intimacy as well.

  • Plus -You have wanted you to have more romance in your marriage for years- right~ So why not make it happen this year.

  • Now you get romantic and thoughtful gifts all year round and you and your husband will not have to worry about it.

  • You will get more romance and connection by just making a simple purchase at a discounted price!

  • Surprise him this year and fulfill his wants and yours with a year of full of Romantic Gifts and Experiences, that is created by a Romance Coach!

Learn more at:

*Husband's your dreams just came true!

  • When you make this simple purchase you will not have to worry about planning any romantic nights or getting your sweetheart romantic gifts for the next year, because they will all be included in this amazing package!

  • Plus as an added bonus-most of the romantic gifts you will receive will help you both enjoy amazing nights of connection and intimacy!

*Husbands as a wife and Romantic Coach, I can tell you first hand- your wife has been wanting you to do get romantic and thoughtful gifts for her for years-even if she hasn't said so- Right?.

So why not surprise her this year and fulfill this want with a year of full of Romantic Gifts and Experiences, that is created by a Romance Coach and you just have to follow her plan!

The best part about this package is that is all done for you and sent to your door. You will not have to worry about forgetting another important holiday again!

Plus it is all created and planned by women who knows what women want and like- so you will look like you read your wife's mind and be her hero! I promise your wife will love this thoughtful and romantic gift- that lasts all year!

This is such a great gift, for you to get all the benefits of more romance in your marriage without having to plan or come up with the romantic gifts or Ideas- wouldn't you agree?

Be adored this next year and easily get more connection and romance this next year- with

This is the perfect romantic gift to spoil each other all year long! You could also give this to your sweetheart for a Anniversary, Romantic Valentines Day Gift or Birthday gift for your sweetheart!

...."I wanted to do something really special for our 10 year anniversary, but I just kept coming up short with ideas. Through brainstorming with Josie- she helped me make a perfect plan and execute the plan that was perfect for my husband and me. She helped me plan a creative scavenger hunt of places that had special meaning for my husband and I. At each spot she had a cute note of where to go next. She was so creative – my husband was blown away and it meant so much to him. The best part was it was very inexpensive to execute the plan and I looked like I was super creative and planned all the awesomeness. Thanks so much Josie- " Happy Customer

"We tried one of Josie's Couple Games. We played "The Baseball Game of Love" It was an exciting night of foreplay! She started out our fun evening with eating at a sports club. Then when we got home there was clever and unique designed cards laid throughout the house that all had to do with the baseball theme! There were cards in the living room, up the stairs and eventually leading to the bedroom- all having to do with getting to first base, second base, and third base and where you can guess there was a home run play. It was so fun, creative, and filled with foreplay and meaningful experiences. It was definitely a SCORE;) in my book! I would highly

recommend her Couple Games. This game really brought us closer together as a couple!" -Happy Customer

Who it s the Year Of Romance For:

  • The year of Romance is perfect for busy couples, that still want to connect, but don't want to spend hours creating romantic dates and romantic experiences.

  • If you have been craving more romance in your marriage, or your spouse is saying they want more romance and connection in your marriage but, you know you are not the romantic type- here is your solution!

  • Couples that need to bring the fun and spark back into their relationship again.

  • Couples that feel like they are more roommates then a happy couple.

  • The bedroom games are designed for male & female relationships

This Package May Not Be for you if

  • Will do nothing to improve their relationship

  • Or for those who will not try new things

  • Or the couple that is too prideful to accept help.

Check it out at:


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