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I want more romance in my marriage, but my husband is not romantic!

How can I help my husband be more romantic in our marriage? As a Romance Coach I love helping couples reconnect in their marriages again, through bringing in more romance. I offer easy romantic gifts and romantic services where I help husband or wives plan out anniversaries, birthdays, getaways and more. I love helping to strengthen marriages through teaching guys and gals what each other needs in their marriage relationship.

My name is Josie McEwen and I am a Romance Coach-

I have always been a hopeless romantic, and find great joy in planning, creating romantic activities. It also makes me happy when I can help individuals and couples create strong bonds together and strengthen their marriages!

I strongly believe that each couple is unique and special in their own way, so this why I cater my services to you as a couple in my personal romance coaching.

Through my services: I can basically give you and your husband the secret sauce to have a more fulfilling marriage:

*I know what is important to women and men

* I know what they want in relationships, and can suggest ways to help you both get what you need in your marriage.

* I understand women’s emotional needs with in intimacy and strive to help guys understand this as well.


I would like to help you add more romance because :

* It builds better connection and unity in your marriage!

* Helps re-ignite and keep the spark alive in your marriage!

* You are showing your spouse in different ways how much they mean to you!

* It helps you fall in love again and reconnect to your spouse in ways that you had forgotten about!


What does a Romance Coach Do?

I help couples and individuals bring in more romance into their busy life style, through personal romance coaching catering to you and your spouse.

*As a romance coach I can help you in simple and easy romantic gestures that will help you speak your spouse's love language!

* I offer done for you romantic gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, valentines days and more. I also have romantic gifts that are just for him, and her. I have created several bedroom games that you will both enjoy! These bedroom games are also Husband approved and many have a sport theme to them as well. The best part about any of theses gifts is that they also focus on the physical connection and the emotional connection of intimacy- which is what women crave usually. The best part of these bedroom games is the soul object of the game is to have an amazing night of intimacy with your spouse!

* I also love to help couples to create meaningful and fun surprises big and little for their spouse!

* I also am passionate about planning romantic anniversary’s and romantic getaways or weekends for couples.

* My favorite thing that I love to do, is to create a Year of Romance for couples

that is all done for them! I love this because it includes all of my services into one great package!

This service is unique because, it takes all the guess work out of the being romantic, but you get all the benefits of it!

In this package I provide a romantic gift that is sent to you for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, Father's day, and both spouses birthdays, with other surprises along the way! Also included in this awesome package is the chance for a Romance Coach to plan a romantic anniversary catered to you and your spouse’s likes and unforgettable romantic getaway/ weekend for you and your spouse as well.

So what are you waiting for- Go and order the easiest and best gift,

to you and your Husband ever!

Then sit back and relax, knowing you will have a year of incredible romance ahead of you!

* What a great gift this is for you and your husband that you both do not have to worry about trying to find a romantic gift for each other this year- they will be all be shipped to you and ready to play! Get the year of romance package now by clicking here!



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