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Fun & Easy April Fools Day Pranks For Your Sweetie

I love April Fools Day- and always have. I have always loved pulling pranks on people and scaring people when they least expect it, but I don't need a special holiday- I usually do this all year long!!!

I am convinced that we as a society take life too seriously and we forget to have fun along the way...

As a Romance Coach I am all about helping couples to reconnect and bond. So I encourage you to do something fun for April Fool's Day with or to your sweetheart! Use this opportunity to have fun laughing and being silly, and act like a kid again with your spouse. So enjoy some fun and easy April Fools Day Pranks To Try With Your Sweetheart! *It is also fun for you and your spouse to gang up and pull pranks on the kids as well! 

So Here Are Some Fun And Easy April Fools Day Pranks To Try With Your Sweetheart!

*It is also fun for you and your spouse to gang up and pull pranks on the kids as well!

Love Note Under Your Spouse Computer Mouse!

Get a sticky note and write " I'm A Fool For You" Or some other sweet note and then stick the paper under their computer mouse, so when they go to move their mouse they think it is broken or not working... when they finally decide to look under the mouse- they will see a sweet note from you- and How could anyone be mad about that.:)

Whisper Dirty Things Into Their Ear!

I came up to my hubby very seductively and started kissing his neck and whispering sweet things into his ear and as things were getting exciting, I asked him if he wanted me to whisper dirty things into his ear as well... Of course he said yes...so I whispered in a seductive way...."The dishes, The toilet...."

We both had a good laugh together with this joke and it is one of my all time favorite jokes!

Change Your Wedding Photos Out

Another Idea that I pulled last year was to change out all our pictures of my Husband And I in our bedroom with some of our worst or silliest photos, I also used some apps to make you look chubby and distorted- I even included a picture by husbands bed side of me of a horrible haircut that I got that he did not like. haha!

I was actually worried that I would have to live with this prank for a few weeks because I thought he may not notice- but luckily he did notice that day and we both had a good laugh.

Here are some examples- * No sharing on social media :) I didn't put my bad haircut in because I don't want it available on the internet:)

Empty Amazon Box Trick

Put all your Amazon boxes on your porch and wait for your husband's reaction!

I also doubled this prank for my kids too and sent them the picture of all the empty boxes and asked them what they ordered because all the boxes had their names on it…  They all text back worried they did not order anything and were checking their amazon account orders!  It was perfect!

SMS Phone Message:

When people text you that you text all the time respond back with : 

“SMS ERROR: The phone number you are trying to reach is no longer in service”

*Tell them this is a April Fool's Joke sonner than later- or you might be on the couch!


Here Are Some Examples Of Other April Fools Day Ideas!

As I have said earlier- I find great Joy in pulling pranks! I guess I never really grew up/ or grew out of this. I was the youngest of 6 siblings so I got my fair share of teasing, but I always loved teasing back as well!

I had a fun group of guys and gal friends in college, where we were constantly pranking each other. It was so much fun!

Here are some the classic pranks we played in college:

  • Taking the door off its hinges and putting it upside down

  • Cellophane on inner rim of toilet seat

  • Putting salt in my friends water

  • One time we came home and our toilet was missing... yep- it was the prank of all pranks- but don't worry we got them back as well!

Through my various jobs I have also had fun pranking other employees and getting pranked as well! We had a prank war with one other friend.

  • He pretended to put Ketchup on his hand like he was cut- I totally fell for it and freaked out

  • He put a huge garbage back over his head, and then called me and asked me if he would take out the garbage in the kitchen because he totally forgot and had already left- When I went to lift the Garbage- he jumped out- It was probably the best scare I ever had- I screamed and laughed so hard! Everyone in the building heard and came running because they thought something horrible had happened...

  • I put a 4ft shrunken apple face witch decoration that was hideous on the toilet of his personal bathroom- so it appeared like it was looking right at him. He said he about had a hard attack

  • Another time I hid under his desk and grabbed his legs

I also always play pranks on my kids as well! Here are some of those as well!

  • I put an elastic on the spraying hose in the kitchen sink- so that whoever turned the water on would get sprayed... I got my son real good- but then forgot it was there and ended up getting myself...:/

  • I made a dinner that smelled good and called everyone to dinner- and I had a metal pan with tinfoil on it and carried it to the table like it was heavy and had hot pads... I told everyone to dig in and they were so disappointed to see an empty pan... I fed them the real stuff after

  • You can also make a pan of Brownies- and when you bring them to the table- it is really Brown colored Letter E's

  • We were traveling for one year on April Fool’s day so I did some prep ahead of time. We had mini chip bags for snacks in the car. I opened the bags and swapped out the contents and then glued the bags back together. So the Cheetos had potato chips and vice versa...

  • I also had a bag of regular jerky we were snacking on and passing around- but the jerky inside was actually Jalapeno flavored.

  • For Easter - one of our traditions is we decorate hard boiled eggs and then we roll hard boiled eggs down a hill. We also have egg wars- wear you hit two hard boil eggs together and see how long years can last without cracking...One year Easter was also on April Fools Day- I purposely left two eggs unboiled and decorated them myself so I knew which ones they were- so when my kids were doing their egg wars they got raw egg all over them. They had no idea and it worked out perfectly!

  • When we were in lockdown with the whole pandemic thing... School was online. So on the morning of April Fools Day I woke my kids up and said- hurry, hurry... you are late for the bus...

  • During Covid - I told my kids " We are going Out" for lunch. We did go out for lunch, but it was to their school to get school lunch- to go!- They were not very happy with me- but it was fun!

What are some of the best jokes you have played or have been played on you? I would love to know in the comments!

What are some of the best jokes you have played or have been played on you? I would love to know in the comments!

Whether you get pranked or you are the one pranking- I hope you have loads of laughter and fun with your spouse and family!


Hi- I am Josie- The Romance Coach

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