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Easy & Fun St. Patrick's Date From Romance Enhanced Consulting!

Let the shenanigans begin with The Luck of the Irish Bedroom Game and done for you St. Patrick's at home date from Romance Enhanced Consulting!

Mark your calendar's for this easy & fun St. Patrick themed date bedroom game to play with your favorite lassie or lad. This romantic St. Patrick's Date is your secret weapon for couples looking to bring that fun & spark back into your marriages and relationships again.

You will be laughing and flirting together as you try and find your lucky four leaf clover that is hidden somewhere on your spouse in a temporary tattoo.

This game is easy to play as you follow the provided flirty and fun cards, to seek after your four leaf clover, that is hidden somewhere on your spouse. The Four Leaf Clover Temporary Tattoo is also included in this fun game.

You will want lots of clothing and accessory layers as you play this playful and flirty strip tease style bedroom game of The Luck of the Irish Bedroom Game!

* As a Bonus to The first 10 orders, they will also receive a free grab bag of fun St. Patrick's Day Accessories which can include many of these items shown here:

* You could get a St. Patrick's Day Necklace or Bracelet, St. Patrick's Day Head Band, St. Patrick's Day Socks, Glasses, Green Bow Tie, Green Boa, Mini Top hat and more.

"Kiss me I'm Irish", or even if you are not Irish you can still have lots of fun and flirty kissing in the Luck of The Irish Bedroom Game from Romance Enhanced Consulting.

This is one of the many fun St. Patrick themed playing card in the Luck Of The Irish Themed Game for couples.

You will both "get Lucky" and will both enjoy the Luck Of The Irish bedroom game!

* This bedroom game is also Husband & Wife approved and has all kinds of fun St. Patrick Themed foreplay that you will both enjoy!

One of my favorite things about The Luck OF The Irish Bedroom Game because it focuses on physical & emotional connection.

Emotional connection is what most women crave with intimacy so while playing this fun and flirty bedroom game you will also be learning how to connect more with you wife in a way that is meaningful to her. Plus as wife you will learn how to connect more to their husbands as well.

You can now buy this The Luck Of The Irish Game gift wrapped and ready to give as a gift or you can buy it digitally and print it out or in a done for you St. Patrick Date Night Kit.

Get A done for you romantic and flirty St. Patrick's Date Night Kit for you and your spouse.

*If you live in Utah Or Salt Lake County you can also get the Luxury St. Patrick's Day Date, and have a Romance Coach set up your romantic St. Patrick's Day Date at your home or hotel. Click here for more information

Here is what included in this done for you Romantic St. Patrick Date Night Kit: From Romance Enhanced Consulting

  • Personalized Banners,

  • Green & Gold décor,

  • Inflatable Mylar shamrock/heart balloon,

  • lucky gold coins. treat box,

  • Gold & green faux rose petals,

  • gold & white bed/table runner,

  • St. Patrick themed plates & napkins,

  • plastic wine glasses, and

  • green and gold refreshments,

  • plus the Luck Of The Irish Bedroom Game

  • & grab bag of accessories-(while supplies last)

Choose to have a fun the St. Patrick's Day together with his done for you romantic, fun and sexy St. Patrick's date idea From Romance Enhanced Consulting!

Here is what other happy customers have said about this fun game


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