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Watch for Amazing Deals During the Week of Black Friday to Strengthen Your Marriage!

Are you looking for the perfect romantic gift for your spouse, that will require little effort on your part for Christmas? Wait is that even possible? YES IT IS!

I have romantic gifts that you and your spouse will both love and that will also strengthen your relationship! Plus you can get them wrapped & shipped to you ready to give as a gift!

My name is Josie McEwen, and I am the Romance Coach at Romance Enhanced Consulting and fun fact about me: I have always been a hopeless romantic and love planning out romantic dates for my husband and for friends and family as well.

I decided to start my romance coaching “when, my husband told me one day- you are so good at being romantic, if I could pay someone like you to help me look romantic I totally would!” And that is where my business idea got started- I decided to take two things that I love helping people and creating amazing romantic dates and create this great business to help others strengthen their marriage.

I also have developed 6 classy bedroom games that make the perfect gift for a

Romantic Christmas gift or for any holiday!

To find the perfect romantic gift for your wife or husband click on this link! http://www.romanceenhanced.com/bedroom-game

These bedroom games are like your secret sauce to helping improve your marriage and they will also help you continually build up your marriage relationship.

These bedroom games focus on the emotional connection, which is usually what women crave with intimacy and the physical foreplay aspects of intimacy as well, which is usually what men crave with intimacy. When playing these games you will build your relationship in fun and sexy ways that you both will enjoy!

Along with these done for you bedroom games and romantic gift ideas, I also specialize in strengthening marriages through helping you bring in more romance and connection into your marriage, even if you are not the romantic type. I absolutely love to plan creative romantic dates, events, getaways all catered to you and your spouse!

* and my most favorite service I offer is a Year Of Romance Package! Where you get all of this in one great package sent to you though out the year!So you get the benefits of having more connection and romance in your marriage without all the hard work!

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