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5 Quick and easy romantic ideas for your spouse who's love language is Acts of Service

Easy romantic ideas: Acts of Service

1. Do some yard work together or for them. This will mean a lot to them especially if it a chore they hate doing.

Side note: If your spouses love language is acts of service- it may be the easiest love language to satisfy, because this person will feel loved by very simple ways of just doing an act of service for them. This is my husbands love language and he feels loved when I make him dinner, do the laundry, clean the house... things that I usually do anyway. They may not seem romantic but to that person who's love language is acts of service it means the world to them. Even though they feel loved through daily routines that you may be doing anyway, it is nice to really show them through special things you care as well.

2. Steal your spouses towel while they are in the shower and warm it in the dryer, but don't forget to bring it back to them-because that would not be act of service,more like a mean prank:)! It is such a wonderful thing wrapping up in a warm towel after a shower! This is a very little thing but will go along way!

3. Do some spring cleaning for your spouse or with your spouse! They will feel loved. Check out the Dating Diva's Awesome Spring Cleaning Kit- They have adorable printable charts that you can customize to your family. They make spring cleaning fun!

4. Tell your spouse you got dinner covered tonight and let them relax while you make them and the family dinner.

5. This classy fun bedroom game of Sexy Wife May I, is all about acts of service love language and you will totally spoil your wife for Mother's Day or her birthday. This game is like the childhood game of Mother May, where your goal is get to the mother first by asking questions of what you may do. This will bring you and your wife emotionally and physically closer with you intimacy. I promise She will love this game and love you for getting it for her! It teaches you how she likes to be loved! Check out this link to see other customers reviews as well.

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Josie McEwen-

Romantic Consultant/Specialist

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