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3 Quick and easy romantic ideas for the Love Language of Gifts

Easy Romantic Tips: Thoughtful Tuesdays

1- Spice up your bedroom with a gift from the Dating Diva's. They have so many great options to choose from but one that I love is the Sexy Subscription Box- a take on a DIY subscription box that they can customize with their favorite intimate ideas and products for the bedroom - it's the perfect gift for a guy! Check it out at:

2-Plan a romantic anniversary date- with my help:) Spring is in the air which means: Lots of people got married in the spring and have anniversaries coming up. So why not surprise your spouse with a special romantic anniversary. I love planning special dates and I would love to help you plan yours as well!

If you are saying "yeah that would be great, but I don't know what it means to be romantic"- Don't worry I got your back!

All of my anniversaries/special dates are catered to you and your spouse. The best part about this is that it makes you look super romantic! *All costs of the event will be your responsibility, but I promise you will WOW your spouse!

3-Buy movie tickets or rent a movie that you know your spouse would love! Yes I am talking about that chic flick or action show they have been wanting to see! You will be adored for doing this!

* If you are liking all these easy romantic ideas check out more of them on my website. www.romanceenhanced.com

I also plan romantic anniversaries, getaways, and a month full of themed dates. I have also created several other sexy and themed bedroom games that are sure to bring the spice back to your marriage. If you are interested to know more info then please checkout my website and my Facebook group.

I would also love to get to know you better and offer you some awesome deals as well! I would love for you to join my email list where you will receive (one) weekly newsletter and awesome discounts on my products that you would not otherwise receive! Plus you get 10% off your fist purchase!

*I hate spam and when my info gets sold- so that will never happen to your information when you sign up for the email:)

I look forward to getting to know you and working with you further! As a romantic consultant I would love to help you strengthen your marriage by bringing in more romance into it!

Josie McEwen-

Romantic Consultant/Specialist

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