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FORTUNATE FRIDAYS: Love Language: Acts of Service: Romantic tips made easy for you

If your spouses love language is acts of service- it may be the easiest love language to satisfy, because this person will feel loved by very simple ways of just doing an act of service for them. This is my husbands love language and he feels loved when I make him dinner, do the laundry, clean the house... things that I usually do anyway. They may not seem romantic but to that person who's love language is acts of service it means the world to them. Even though they feel loved through daily routines that you may be doing anyway, it is nice to really show them through special things you care about them as well.

Romantic Tip: Clean up the yard for them or with them this weekend. Is there a chore they hate doing outside? Do that for them if you can as a surprise or tell them that you are doing it for them. Again it may not seem romantic, but to them this is a huge way to say I LOVE YOU!

(Love Languages are how you feel and show your love. There are five main ones: Physical Touch, Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, and Acts of Service.

are from Gary Chapman's book the Five Love Languages)

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