Are you looking for a Romantic Gift?

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The Luxury Romantic Sexy Wife May I Bedroom Game and Romantic Room Experience will completely spoil your wife physically, emotionally and sexually.

(This is only valid in Utah County or SLC County, UT)

Imagine walking into your hotel room/ personal bedroom that has a romantic atmosphere to it, with romantic decor around the room, and light refreshments and a romantic gift for you to enjoy as well! This is not a dream- it can be your reality and it will be all done for you by a talented Romance Coach! With this purchase, you can just enjoy the evening of romance and reconnecting with your spouse!

If your sweetheart wants more emotional connection and romance in your marriage, but you are not sure how to do that, this is the package is for you!

Let a Romance Coach help you wow and surprise your wife with a romantic anniversary date or romantic birthday gift or Special Romantic Date that is all done for you! You provide the room/space and the Romance Coach would come set up the perfect romantic atmosphere for you with a romantic gift for you to both enjoy as well!

This will be a romantic and unforgettable Anniversary or Birthday date that you will both LOVE!

As part of your special date you will also get The Sexy Wife May I Bedroom game as the main event of your date. Your wife will get spoiled with sensual and relaxing services that will help you both reconnect and feel in love again. This game is catered to the female sexual response and is supposed to completely spoil her, but is also enjoyable for husbands as well!. This game will help you both to understand and rediscover how your wife likes to be loved!

You will both enjoy this bedroom game because it focuses on physical & emotional connection. Your husband will love the physical intimacy of this game and he will also be learning how to also connect better with you emotionally.

Included in this done for you romantic package is rose gold party décor (Items with * will need to be returned), light concessions, and your special romantic bedroom game of the Sexy Wife May I Bedroom Game!

Done for you romantic Decor:

  • Personal touches to the room including pictures of the two of you
  • Banners already hung
  • 2 Napkins
  • 2 plates
  • 2 Mini Champagne glasses
  • Rose petals: Pink and White
  • Tea Candles: White
  • Treat Bags
  • Large Tropical leafs
  • *Romantic Rose Gold decor
  • (3) balloons bouquet
  • *hanging Lanterns
  • *Various massage oils - upon request
  • *Various massage tools
  • table runner/ bed runner
  • *Towel origami


  • Chocolate Godiva Hearts
  • Chocolate Roses
  • Snacks: popcorn, nuts, candy
  • Butter cream mints
  • Bottles of Water

Romantic Gift:

  • The Sexy Wife May I Bedroom Game

This may be the easiest and stress free romantic gift you ever purchase for your wife!! You will get the credit- when all you did was make the purchase I promise your wife adore you for being so thoughtful and romantic! Get ready to wow and completely spoil your wife with an unforgettable night of romance and fun with the Romantic Sexy Wife May I Bedroom Date or Romantic Birthday Themed Birthday Date or other Special Romantic Valentine's date.

This is only valid in Utah County or SLC County, UT

* These items will need to be returned to Romance Enhanced Consulting in the box that is provided for you

Few Notes:

-Please Schedule your Luxury Romantic Room Night of Massage Date below in the custom text field!

  • Please give at least two weeks prior to the event for scheduling! *If the date is before two weeks- please call Josie at 435-757-8229 to make sure the scheduling will work!
  • Also note, the Romance Coach will try and make this date work, however, please also list a couple of other dates that could work as well for you.
  • The Romance Coach does not work on Sundays-no exceptions!
  • *If this for a Valentine Date- Make sure you book early- or it may not be able to happen with my schedule! Please call 435-757-8229 prior to purchasing to check for availability during the first two weeks in February!
  • Your Romance Coach wills start planning once the Luxury Romantic Kiss and Tell Bedroom Date and Room Experience is purchased! You will also be contacted with more details!
  • If this will be in a private home- please clean the area prior to my arrival!
  • Romance Enhanced Consulting is great at making sure that this stays a surprise for your sweetheart! Please select the surprise option below if you don't want your spouse to know about it till they walk in the door!
  • Hotel and other dinner or personal costs for the evening are not included in this price!
  • Everything that is brought into your home/hotel will be new and/or sanitized prior to use and gloves and masks will be worn while set up is taking place!

Please Read the Legal Information: In the Additional Info Section because by purchasing this you agree to these terms!

The Luxury Romantic Sexy Wife May I Anniversary Date

Surprise Options
What are you celebrating
  • * Feel free to contact Josie at 435-757-8229 with any questions or concerns you may have with this purchase or want to confirm date before purchase.

    * Please book valentine room experiences early to ensure that they can be accomplished! Call to confirm date in the first two weeks of February, as the schedule usually fills up fast

  • Legal-

    *Romance Enhanced Consulting is honest and very trust worthy and pride ourselves on the integrity of our company! You will have a personal guarantee that Romance Enhanced will not take or steel anything from the homes or hotels rooms in which they are setting up! However they will not be held liable for lost or stolen items!

    *Romance Enhanced Consulting will be extremely careful with items in personal or hotel rooms to assure no damages or loss will occur. Romance Enhanced will not be held liable for damages that happen after the room is setup or extra cleaning cost that may occur if this is in a hotel room. If something happens by accident and something gets damaged while setting up the room-which is highly unlikely- Romance Enhanced Consulting will notify the owner immediately and try to make amends!

    *You are also giving permission and consent for Romance Enhanced Consulting to enter private homes/ rooms and or hotel rooms!

    By purchasing this option you agree to these terms!

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