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This baseball themed bedroom Game is seriously "out of the park"! It is full of romance, foreplay and fun! You and your spouse will LOVE this game, even if you are not a baseball fan! The object of the game is to make it to first, second, third and of course to "slide into home". This game has unique cards all centered around baseball where you get to spoil your spouse and they get to spoil you emotionally, physically and of course sexually! Be careful because you can strike out- which means you get to try some of the cards again :). 

The Baseball Game of love is the perfect gift for the Baseball or Softball Fan that loves baseball or softball! This is all done for you gift for him for Father’s Day His birthday, Valentines, Christmas, your anniversary and a great Baseball themed at home date night as well.

You will especially love the flirty themed baseball cards that you follow to eventually make a "home run score" together! Husbands and Wives both love this romantic and flirty gift! For Females there are cards that focus on what females love and crave with intimacy, of slow and sexy foreplay and emotional connection and also what guys crave with intimacy of physical connection. So you will both "score big" together in this bedroom game.

Plus you will be able to order and print this game and have it ready for a fun evening all in the same day~

This print your own version comes with:

4 Invitation for a Baseball Date Night ((Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Father's Day, and Just because)

2 Instruction cards

34 Baseball themed cards that focus on building up sexy foreplay that you will both enjoy: Each card intensifies to get to all the 4 bases- again.

You will need:

A Die (for a shorter version of the game)

Favorite snacks: Peanuts and Cracker Jacks go along with the cards well ;)

Favorite Drink


Romantic Music

Benefits of this Game:

+ Creates a Romantic atmosphere with easy to follow cards

+ This bedroom game is Guys and Gals approved!

+ Lots of sweet and sexy foreplay to get you both in the mood!

+ Will help you reconnect and feel in love again

+ Each card is has a fun baseball theme to it!

+ You will both enjoy a night of great intimacy with emotional and physical connection!

The Baseball Game of LOVE!- You print

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