Are you looking for a Romantic Gift?

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* This is the perfect gift for your WIFE this mother's day! I promise she will love it and adore you for getting it for her!!!!!- (your mother would probably love it too, but it would be weird gift coming from their child)

This mother's day gift is all done for you and includes all the necessities for you to pull off a great mother's day gift for your wife who does so much for you and the kids.

This package includes:

*The sexy wife may I game - which is the perfect way to spoil your wife-in the bedroom. The game is similar to Mother May I- where your goal is to get to the mother first, but you will play this with just you and your wife. This game focuses on the female sexual response and emphasizes the emotional and phsycial connections within intimacy, most women crave more emotional connection! Don't worry there is plenty of sexy forplay for both of you as well:) There are creative cards that will guide you through the whole game- so you will know exactly what you need to do to make this the best Mother's Day ever for her

or You can request the instead

Kiss and Tell Bedroom Game: This game is like Charades but you have to guess what the Other person is saying through their kisses!  The guys cards ar designed to satisfy the emotional connection that women crave and the gals cards satisfy the physical side of intimacy. This game is full of passion and romance and we all know where kissing leads too. You may not be able to finish the game because you will want to continue the passionate kissing!

This package also includes

* 6 Chocolate Roses (Red or Pink) 

* Other Quatliy Assorted Chocolates

* Rose Pedals and Tea lights: ands instructions on setting up a romantic room or atmosphere!

* Blank -Decorated Card

* Festive Gift bag & Tissue paper to put it in

Spoil Her Package

Intimate bedroom game
Rose Pedals
Tea Light Candles
Gift Wrapped
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