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Webinar on Being Romantic

Webinar on Being Romantic

Webinar on Being Romantic
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Hello, my name is Josie McEwen,

I am the founder of Romance Enhanced Consulting.  I love to help couples fall in love again and reconnect in their marriages again. That is why I created this FREE MARRIAGE WEBINAR!

Thank you for signing up for this free webinar where I show you how to fix and repair your struggling marriage!

In this webinar I would like you to see the value in being romantic, intentional and consistent in helping to improve and strengthen your marriage.

I would also like to have a little fun with this and compare being romantic to owning a car! 

1) I hope you come to find and understanding that you may receive and give love differently than your spouse is an important part of helping you to overcome struggles in your marriage.

2) If you are not feeling loved by your spouse then their maybe communication disconnect that can be solved by using these easy and romantic tips that I will show you. 

3.) I would like to help you learn and recognize what your love language is. 

4.) I would also like to help you know and recognize what your spouse’s love language is and be able to teach you how easy it can be to show love to them in ways they will understand.

5.)  I also want to show you how and why bringing more romance into your marriage is important, even if you are not the romantic type!

Fact: Every marriage struggles at different times, with different things.  Some are able to work through their issues but sadly more than ½ end up in divorce. 

Do any of these issues sound familiar to you or maybe what you are experiencing “I feel unloved in my marriage”, “I feel unappreciated by my spouse”,  “The spark that I once felt for my spouse is gone” or “We are married, but we feel so distant from each other” “My marriage feels broken” “ Our marriage is boring and stale” 

If you have felt this way or are feeling this way I want to tell you there is hope that you can feel in love with your spouse again! 

There's no better time than right now, to consistently improve and strengthen your marriage by bringing in romance and really connecting with your spouse! In fact, if you choose to procrastinate or put off not working on your marriage, then in time you may not have much of a marriage left.  

 I sincerely hope you find this information useful and helpful for your marriage!

I also specialize in strengthening marriages through helping you bring in more romance and connection into your marriage, even if you are not the romantic type.  

I absolutely love to plan creative romantic dates, events, getaways all catered to you and your spouse! So you get the benefits of having more connection and romance in your marriage without all the hard work!  If I can help you with any of these others services please don’t hesitate to ask or search more on my website!


Josie McEwen- Founder and Head Romance Coach

Romance Enhanced Consulting

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