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Have you ever thought...
"I wish I could pay someone do all the romantic stuff, 
for me and I would get the benefit!"
Well this Valentine's Day your wish is being granted
by Josie the Romance Coach

Extra Special Valentines Day Hire a Romance Coach
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As a Romance Coach at Romance Enhanced Consulting, I can make your life easy by providing the Romance for you- Even if you are not the Romantic Type!

My name is Josie McEwen- Romance Coach and Founder of Romance Enhanced Consulting- where our Goal is to make Romance Easy for you, even if you are not the romantic type~!   
 I have always found joy and excitement planning romantic dates for me and my husband and also friends and family as well! I find great passion in helping others find romance and connection in their marriages.  
 I got my business idea from my non- romantic Husband,  who said to me one day after one of our romantic dates that I planned for us  said,

"Man I wish I could pay someone to help me look romantic!"

  Dun- dun- that is when I became a Romance Coach- and Started Romance Enhanced Consulting!

I absolutely love helping couples create more connection and romance in their marriages.



Valentine's Made Easy

I want to make your Valentine's Day easy this year! 

I also don't believe in paying quadruple the prices for things just because it is Valentine's Day.   

As a Romance Coach I want to help you

get the best Romantic Valentine's Gift

for a discounted price. 

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Valentine Coupons!



I was looking for a perfect gift to go along with some valentine surprises for my wife. I found Josie's Kiss and Tell game and it went perfect with my other surprises and helped me look super romantic. In this game you have to guess what the other person is saying through their kisses. Who knew you that kissing could be so fun and passionate. My wife and I both loved it!

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If you have any questions about my products or services or concerns feel free to contact me at 

Located in Lehi, Utah

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