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Get the benefits of a Year of Romance in your marriage without all the effort of planning it!

Did you know that August is Romance Awareness Month? Well it is! As you may know, I have always been a hopeless romantic, so this is my favorite month (and it is also my birthday month!) To celebrate Romance Awareness Month I am having a HUGE SALE on my YEAR OF ROMANCE PACKAGE and my YEAR OF ROMANTIC GIFTS PACKAGE till the end of August of 2020!

With these packages you will get the benefit of having more romance and connection in your marriage again, without all the hassle or stress of planning it all. It will be catered to your likes and all the gifts will be done for you, by a talented Romance Coach at Romance Enhanced Consulting.

The Year of Romance Package includes: A romantic gift for Christmas, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's & Father's Day, Both Spouse's Birthdays, and a creative romantic plan for Your Anniversary and a Romantic Getaway Plan!


Here are the top ten Reasons to get this romantic gift for your spouse!~

1- This is the Easiest gift ever because it is all done for you, but makes you look awesome!

2- It will also help you connect and reconnect to your spouse! You will feel more in love!

3- All These gifts come all beautifully packaged and shipped to you! ( with-in the-us)

4- The Anniversary plan and getaway plan are catered what you as couple like and enjoy! These will also require minimal effort from you; however it will also come with easy to follow instructions on what to do, and when to do the things within the plan!

5- These romantic gifts are created by a woman, who knows what women and men want and crave! Guys: it will be like you are reading your wife's mind! Gals: You will be amazed at how thoughtful and romantic your husband is.

6- With this package you will have Less chance of you forgetting a important event/holiday and won't be in the dog house for not getting a gift.

7- You would be spoiling each other with romantic gifts and surprises that you will both love not once, but multiple times thought the year!

8- You will be adored by your spouse! If you are not the romantic type, but that is what your wife is always asking you to be- this package is for you!

9- These romantic gifts are husband and wife approved. Most of the romantic gifts are bedroom games that Josie the Romance Coach has designed to fulfill what most guys and gals crave with intimacy. The intimate bedroom games will also help you to meet HER emotional needs with intimacy as well, which is what most women crave with intimacy! These games are also designed to meet husbands physical needs as well! You will both enjoy these bedroom games and discovering and rediscovering new and exciting ways to create amazing intimacy together!

10-This is a investment into your marriage that will strengthen your marriage! This is your key to understanding and loving your spouse in ways that are meaningful to both of you!


You are probably saying... This sounds to good to be true- what's the catch?

No catch- Josie The Romance Coach, finds great happiness and joy in planning and creating romantic dates and gifts. She also loves to make a difference and is passionate about strengthening marriages! She would love to create a year full of romantic gifts and experiences for you!

After all- Romance Made Easy is Romance Enhanced Consulting main goal- Romance does not have to be expensive, time consuming and unobtainable! Romance Enhanced Consulting strives to disprove these myths through all the services they offer on their website!

Romance Enhanced Consulting loves to help married couples to strengthen their marriages, by bringing more romance back into marriages again, even if and especially if they are not the romantic type!

Romance Enhanced Consulting knows the continual care and striving to be having more romance in marriages can help you to continue to feel in love with your spouse again!

Make this the year that you have more romance and love in your marriage, without all the stress and hassle of planning it! Let a Romance Coach help you to have the best year with the easiest romantic gift, you will ever give- and that is also on a huge sale, but only till the end of August 2020! Get the Year of Romance Package Today from Romance Enhanced Consulting!

Click here to learn more about Josie- The Romance Coach at Romance Enhanced Consulting


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