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Easy & Romantic Gift For Your Wife = The Sexy Wife May I Game!

Do you get stressed out trying to find the perfect gift for your wife ?

Make it easy on yourself this year and let a Romance Coach handle all that stress this year

and ship you a romantic gift your wife will love!

The Sexy Wife May I Bedroom Game is my most favorite game among the ladies.

Guys can I be honest & real with you?....

Women want you to surprise them and continue to be romantic with them! I know this may not always be on your radar or on your mind, but I can assure it is on your wife's mind!

I can hear, what you are saying-

but I am not a romantic person...


I don't know how to be romantic?

I get it- Being romantic, doesn't come easy to everyone.

But let me ask you....

  • Did you do things while dating your sweetheart to make her feel special?

  • Did you certain things to pursue her & try to win her over?

  • Did you do specific things or buy certain things to impress her?

  • Did you do big and little suprises for her, just to make her smile?

  • Did you coming up with fun and unique ways to show and express your love to her?

....My guess is the anwser is yes!

Now another hard, but important question:)

Are you putting forth that same effort now that you are married?

(If this question makes you sqirm a little then then answer is No:)

I am not tyring to put you on guilt trip, but I do want you to see how all those things that I listed above, that is really what being romantic is! It is intenttiaonlly doing things that you know will please your sweetheart.

As a Romance Coach, I know and believe that anyone can be romantic- yes even you, who describes yoursef as not the romantic type:)

I love all things romance, and have always been a hopeless romantic! Being romantic comes easy to me and is a weird hobby that I love and am good at.

Infact that is why I started my bussiness is to Make Romance Easy!

My goal is to easily help others be more romantic, and have more connection and love in their marriages /relationships.

As, a Romance Coach, I can teach you easy ways that you can easily impress and wow your wife gain. I can help you bring in more romance to your relationship, even if you are not the romantic type.

I can help you, be the romantic hero your wife is wanting by providing you with:

  • done for you romantic gifts,

  • classy bedroom games that are designed just for her,

  • romantic planning services for Anniversaries & Romantic Getaways and so much more.

I love creating romantic expereincess for you, so you can easily enjoy connecting with your wife again, and as a bonus I also will take out the stress & hassle of planning and finding romantic gifts and things for your sweetheart!

Check out how easy it is to become your wife's romantic hero at:

I have several done for you romantic gifts, that are gift wrapped and ready to be shiped to you (within the US), but I wanted to focus this blog post on the ladies favorite and my favorite as well!

Your wife does so much for you and your kids, why not completely spoil her this Mother's day with a gift that she will love, The Sexy Wife May I Game/ Date.

In the Sexy Wife May I Game, you simply follow the cards, that are loaded with romance, flirty foreplay, and that are designed just for her, t try and get as close and intimate with your wife as she allows. Don't worry after reading & doing the actions on the cards- You will both want to be as close as possible to one another.

This game is designed after the Childhood game of Mother May I- but is so much better and don't worry it also has nothing to do with your mother:)

This game is also husband approved, but is meant for putting the spotlight on and spoiling your wife or female sweetheart.

Here are some examples of some of the fun & flirty cards!

So you pick a card in the order they come and you aske your wife- Sexy Wife May I.... give you a sensual head massage & play with your hair.... She says no or yes, and then you do the action on the card and you the read the next card. My guess is you will get a lot of YESES!!!!

*Read these to her in your deepest sexy slow voice for best results:)

One of my many happy male customers Wade, who bought the game for his wife comments " My wife said this was the best birthday she had ever had thanks to The Sexy Wife May I Game"

This game is the ladies favorite because the whole intent of this game focues on completely spoiling your gal physically, sexually and emotionally

  • Easily Bring the spark back into your marriage again and have some great intimacy with your wife with the Sexy Wife May I Game.

  • While playing this game you will also discover & rediscover fun ways to turn your wife on and you will discover what she loves while being intimate!

  • Plus this game was created by a female Romance Coach, so you know you will be doing things for your wife that women love, and she knows exactly what women want and crave in relationships- so it will be like you are reading your wife's mind!

  • This game is loaded with romance! All you have to do is just follow the cards provided in this game, to be super romantic!

  • Your wife will be amazed at how romatnic & thoughtful you are.

  • This game use aspects of all the five love languages, so there will be many ways that your wife will feel loved through the game, by you.

  • This game focuses on both physical & emotional connection. Emotional connection is what most women crave with intimacy! So while playing this fun and flirty bedroom game you will also be learning how to connect on deeper level with you wife in a way that is meaningful to her! (More abuot emotianal connection below:)

  • They also focus on the physical foreplay aspects of intimacy as well, which is usually what men crave with intimacy. So you will both enjoy these fun and flirty bedroom games together!

  • This will completely pamper and spoil your wife- making you her hero!

  • You can buy this gift wrapped and ready to give as gift to your sweetheart for any occastion including, Mother's Day Gift from you, her birthday, your anniversary, Valentine's Day, or just because you want to spoil your wife.

  • Plus it is conviently shipped to you in the US or Get the DIY version through email as well!

  • Bonus For You- This game is also on Early Mother’s Day sale right now for 25% off! Hurry and get yours today! Wives send this t your sweetie in the comments if this is something you would love or just come order one for yourself!

  • My female customers, tell me that this game resonates and really speaks to them, and they love all the spoiling in this game.

  • Women also tell me that they learned new things about themselves and felt a deep connection of love in their relationship.

  • This game is all about female sexual response, which is slow to warm up- but then constant once heated.

  • This bedroom game is loaded with slow and sexy foreplay and will get you both aroused and in the mood!

  • You will both get to discover and rediscover what she wants and craves with intimacy!

  • ***** Your wife will also LOVE this bedroom game because, .... These games will help you continually build up your marriage relationship because they focus on the emotional connection which is usually what women crave with intimacy.

Every husband looking for a easy romantic gift to spoil your wife should know

that your wife is craving emotional connection.

My Favorite benefit, this game brings to couples is the feeling of

deep emotional connection for your relationship.

Emotional connection is:

According to Julie Nyguoyen at Mind Body Green Relationships, "An emotional connection is a feeling of alignment and intimacy between two people that goes beyond just physical attraction, having fun together, surface-level conversations, or even intellectual similarities. Instead, it feels like you're connecting on a deeper soul level—and feel secure connecting that deeply." (https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/how-to-know-if-you-have-emotional-connection-with-someone)

Emtional connection can look different for many people- However, To me, Emotional Connection this means

  • deep conversatoins.

  • genuine compliments about looks, and other great personallity traits,

  • talking,

  • finding out what makes each other tick,

  • really listening and and

  • deeply converying of love to one another.

  • Expressing the why you love one another!

As a Romance Coach I specialize in helping couple easily achieve emotional connction!

One of the many reason I created these games was because I myself was craving theis emotional connecttion within my marriage, but did not know how to explain or teach my husband about what I was wanting.

Romance Enhanced Consulting has created simple ways to provide that emotional connection, with done for you bedroom games that will fulfill what your wife has been wanting and craving in your intimate relationship with more emotional connection.

All you have to do is follow the easy to use cards that lays it all out for you within these games!

You will be connecting on deeper level with you wife in ways that are meaningful to her & to you as well.

This is one example of a personilzed b anner in The Sexy Wife May I Date Night Kit

Your wife will love being spoiled emotionally physically and sexually with these bedroom games-

Husbands-This game will totally spoil your wife and she will adore you for getting it for her!

This game is like your secret weapon to helping you understand and completely satisfy your wife, because it was created by a woman who knows what women want with intimacy!This game is easy to use by just following cards with in the game to help you completely spoil your wife emotionally, physically, and sexually! (Look above for more thorugh explanation of the game.)

If your sweetheart wants more romance & connection in your marriage, but you are not sure how to do that, the Sexy Wife May I Game is the perfect romantic gift package is for you!

You can also upgrade to the Romance In A Box Kit: The Sexy Wife May I Date:

Give your wife a romantic date night that will completely spoil her and has everything you need to easily pull off a at home romatnic date night!

This is a new service that I am offering and it makes it super easy to set a romantic atmosphere and also completely spoil your wife!

*If you live in Utah County or SLC County, you can upgrade to the Luxury Package and have a Romance Coach set it all up for you!

When you make this simple purchase you will get everything you need to spoil your wife with a night of a romance that she will not forget!

You will also receive

  • romantic decor to set up your romantic room,

  • inlcuding faux rose petals, & tea light candles,

  • themed hanging decor,

  • personilized banners,

  • decrotive food containers, & plates, cups and also

  • some light refreshments: like truffles, chocolate roses, cookies, and popcorn.

  • Plus you will aslo receive the romantic Sexy Wife May I Bedroom Game to play as the main event for your evening.

Step 1- Tell her you have a surpise for her later that evening. Let the anticpation build... then when she is busy doing something else- easily setup your purchased Romance In A Box Kit- with the romantic decor, candy, and the Sexy Wife May I game in your bedroom then close your door.

Step 2-Draw a relaxing bath for her and put sweet notes around the tube of how attractive she is around the bathroom. Put some candles from your kit around the tub are as well.

Step 3- Tell her you have a relaxing bath all drawn for her and you will put the kids to bed. Also whisper in her ear to get ready to be spoiled tonight! Leave the Game for her to see while she is getting in the tub.

Step 4- Bring in up her favorite dessert and bring it in after you get the kids in bed.

Step 5- Enjoy spoiling her with the Sexy Wife May I Game. Read the cards of the game ahead of time so you can prepare all the necessary things if needed...

*The one pictured is the pink & gold theme,

You can also do pink & blue theme that will match the Sexy Wife May I cards.

Here Are Some Other Easy Romantic Gifts & Romantic Service Options As Well!

The Kiss and Tell Bedroom Game is full of romance and passion, as you guess what your spouse is saying through just their kisses! This game is played similar to charades, where you are trying to act out or guess what you spouse is saying, but the fun part of this game is that you will doing this through romantic kisses.

This game has sensual kisses for both of you!

The Night of Massage Bedroom Game is the perfect romantic gift for the wife who loves to get massages and be pampered! In fact you will both be pampered with sensual massages all over your body- however it will be up to chance or drawing the cards to find out how and where you will get your sensual massage!'

Check out how easy it is to become your wife's romantic hero at:

* Planning Romantic Anniversaries & Amazing Romantic Getaways: I have a special gift and talent for planning creative romantic dates, events, and getaways that are all catered to you and your spouse!

As a Romance Coach I love helping couples bring more romance into their marriages! I have also always loved creating romantic dates and gifts.

I got my business idea from my unromantic husband who said " I wish I could pay someone like you to make me look romantic"

-Well now you can- pay someone to make you look romantic as well and have this awesome service too!... Your saying someone will do all the planning and stressing about romance, create romantic dates and events for me, and provide romantic gifts all done and sent to my door and gift wrapped to me as well? - YES click here to find out more!

I love creating a Year of Romance that is all done for you !

-You would get all the benefits of having more connection and romance in your marriage without all the hard work!

-You would not have to worry about forgetting an important holiday again!

With this great package you get romantic gifts sent to you for Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Your Wife's Birthday and also your birthday. Plus you will get a customized romantic anniversary plan and getaway plan in this package as well!

-You will get to enjoy more connection, and intimacy and my wife's' elation and happiness!

- Plus your wife will adore you for being so thoughtful and reading her mind about wanting more romance!;)

This all sounds too good to be true- right... Well it is not and you can get it for 40% this week!

Let Me Help You Be The Romantic Hero Your Wife Is Wanting!

Checkout my website for my Early Mother's Day Sale with 25 % off

All these services listed above!

and please tell all your buddies about this great service too!

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