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Let me help you plan your next amazing summer date with your spouse! I have a great deal going on wi

"Summer Lovin... Happened So Fast... Summer Lovin...Had me a blast!" (I know you are trying not to sing along:)

I love summer and want to help you and your spouse with some amazing "summer lovin" date ideas! Don't miss my special $10 off discount this month on my "special event consulting".

Special Event Consulting- $ 10.00 off with the coupon code " Summer Lovin Dates"

Do you have a anniversary coming up that you need help in planning? Do you want to wow your spouse with a spectacular and memorable time together?

I would love to help you plan a romantic and unique date for you and your spouse!

The best part, is my consulting services are all centered around you and your spouse! I try to focus on what is important to you and your spouse and make a plan from there. I can do really elaborate expensive ideas or really simple and cheap romantic dates. I can focus on theme or a collaboration of things. I also love surprises so I will not spoil it for your spouse if that is what you are wanting.

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