Spring Deal-two sport intimate games for the price of one.


For the rest of April I have a special offer going on where you get two- sport games for couples for the price of one in my spring fling sale! This will include-my new game One on One - Flirty and Dirty Basketball Game and my most popular game -The Baseball Game of  Love.  For $20.00 you will receive both games printed, packaged and ready to play, plus free shipping.  I would also ask that after playing these games that you post a review on my face book or on my website, you can do it anonymously if you want.  I also would love to hear feedback about the games (no details please:)-and any suggestions you might have through email!




 One on One- Flirty  & Dirty Basketball Game, where you are sure to both SCORE BIG! This game has 20 interactive cards- where you read the cards and perform the actions while the other person is shooting.  The person who gets the most points wins and  gets  to pick the winning position.  This game is  full of fun, flirting, foreplay and even some "foul play"!


The Baseball Game of Love :  You play with your  favorite teammate/spouse and this game includes 33 baseball themed interactive cards,  and a breast cancer awareness ball/dice. You are trying to make it to all the bases and the bases are loaded with foreplay!   Don't worry,  after playing this you are guaranteed a home-run score! This game is unique in that it has at least one card to do with the 5 love languages and focuses on the intimate relationship as whole. Husbands especially love this game- especially if they love baseball!


This deal will not last long so  hurry and order your games now!  I look forward to hearing from you.


Josie McEwen- Romantic Consultant












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