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Looking for more romance and fun in your marriage, but do not know where to start? Well look no fur

My name is Josie McEwen and I am a Romantic Consultant! What is that you may ask? I help people plan and implement amazing dates/events and many other things.

I love being in love and I have always been a hopeless romantic. I want the same for you and your spouse to love being in love- again! My website and blog is specifically for Married couples!

The fact that you are here on my blog tells me that you are looking for more ways to enhance your marriage. (Disclaimer-no I do not sell Male Enhancement Drugs:) I want to help you enhance your marriage through meaningful conversations with you and your lover, fun and romantic dates, reigniting the spark in your marriage and even some fun and sexy (not tacky) games for the bedroom. The items that I specialize in and are designed to enhance the whole intimate relationship between you and your spouse. I focus on emotional and physical connection that is so important in marriages. Don't get me wrong the physical part of intimacy is crucial to a marriage and in my opinion one of the many bonus of being married! Intimacy is not just the physical stuff, but the relationship as whole from communication, to appreciation, to understanding your spouse and their love language, to how can you best make your spouse feel your love for them and so much more . There is a lot that goes into intimacy- and I want to help you discover that- again and again with your spouse.

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