Check out these blogs that can help you with strengthening your marriage, practical ways to love your spouse!  You will also find anniversary planning, romantic gifts, bedroom games, and a year of romance deals that are all done for you!

If your spouces love language is Physical touch here are some quick and easy ideas that will have them swooning and feeling loved all month!

1-Kiss on the forhead or cheeck

2-Put your arm in  their elbow as your walking somewhere

3-Thank them for something while hugging t...

Weekly Romantic Tips! If your spouse's love language is physical touch. Here are 5 easy romantic ideas to help spice up your marriage and help them feel loved!

Magical Monday: Physical Touch Give your spouse a passionate kiss as they are leaving for work.

Give a sensual foot massage to your spouse!

If your spouses love language is *physical touch- They will love when you out of the blue offer to give them a 5-10 minute foot massage! You will be adored!

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