Check out these blogs that can help you with strengthening your marriage, practical ways to love your spouse!  You will also find anniversary planning, romantic gifts, bedroom games, and a year of romance deals that are all done for you!

Romantic Tip: Give your spouse a back scratch or back massage, which ever they like more- while you are sitting by them. It is a very simple way of saying I love you!

If your spouse's love language is Acts of Service it is probably one of the easiest to fulfill. They often appreciate event he little things like a clean house

If your spouses love language is words of affirmation. They will love these 5 Quick and Easy Romantic Ideas.

A romantic anniversary, catered and planned out for you and your spouse.

Weekly Romantic Tips! If your spouse's love language is physical touch. Here are 5 easy romantic ideas to help spice up your marriage and help them feel loved!

Is your spouse's birthday coming up? Check out this celebration kit from the Dating Divas. It has so many awesome ideas and printableshttp://thedatingdivas.affi

Magical Monday: Physical Touch Give your spouse a passionate kiss as they are leaving for work.

Fortunate Fridays: Love Language: Acts of Service: Romantic tips made easy for you

Wednesday Words: Romantic Tip: Place a nice note in their briefcase, work bag, lunch bag, or suitcase if they are traveling.

Romantic Tip: If your spouse's love language is gifts and rent a movie or buy movie tickets to a movie you know they would love!

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